Wordless Wednesday

A lot of people do a post on Wednesdays…Wordless Wednesday. Just a picture of something…well, I don’ t know wha

t of exactly. :)

But I like the idea.

I could do a Wordless Wednesday to describe my day.

Like a picture of me, my girl, and our sweet friend on our coffee date today…except there’s no picture because I sort of always forget to take pictures at things like that. Or maybe a picture of Mae throwing Cheerios all over the floor at Starbucks.

(Again, no picture…but she was as cute as she could possibly be while she disposed of her snack.


But since I have no pictures, I’ll one-up the whole Wordless Wednesday thing…

And tell you what it’s like to BE wordless on a Wednesday.

For what seems like weeks I have been fighting this thing called writer’s block. I’ll get the most ingenious (well, to me, anyway :)) ideas in the most inconvenient places…like the shower, the middle of church, or while I’m driving…when I obviously can’t write down what’s going through my head.

I’ll get to my computer as fast as I can, and poof!

The words are gone.

It’s kinda like a magic trick, ya know? 😉

I joke that my life is boring.

It consists of staying home with my daughter (which, truthfully, is often anything but boring), Bible studies, occasional coffee dates (yay for having one today!), and sometimes another reason to get out of the house (always a welcome change). Oh, yeah, sometimes I cook and clean. But, really, if you crawled into my brain for a day, I have a feeling you’d emerge with your head spinning. The things going on in there are pretty complex.

And tough to put into words, which may be why I’m experiencing such severe writer’s block.

I’m not a naturally gifted writer.

I have to work at it somewhat…although there are days when the stories just pour out. And then there are days like…ahem…the last month (?) when almost every day I have wrestled with what to write, how to write it,

and if

I should even write it.

I almost feel like I need to channel my blog in a narrower direction to avoid the wide range of topics I could write about.

(And to minimize the amount of brain spinning currently going on in my head…) I don’t feel ready to choose a direction, though, and anyway, this style fits my personality. I’m all over the map (literally ;)), so why shouldn’t I just leave it open and write about whatever’s on my heart


Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

So, basically, nothing’s changing. :)

Don’ t you jus

t love the creative rambling nonsense of my brain


I believe I just successfully posted my first Wordless Wednesday.

I said a whole bunch without saying much of anything. :)

Happy Wednesday to you all.

Thanks for reading. :)


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