12 in 2012

Welcome to my version of a bucket list…12 challenges I have for myself to complete during the year 2012.

Some are fun, some are easier than others, and some could kill me. (But…relax. If I die, at least you’ll have my wonderful blog to remember me by. ;))

My goal with this?

Is to LIVE.

To live fully the life He has blessed me with. To be myself…including the crazy…and to stretch myself to limits I didn’t think were possible.

This list is not to be followed in any particular order…just to be completed by December 31, 2012.

We’ll have to see how it goes. I make zero promises. :)

By December 31, 2012, I hope to:

1. Start…and finish…the canvas painting for Maelie’s room.
2. Redecorate our front living room. (The purple needs to go! Soon.)
3. Start an Etsy store so I can sell my jewelry. Ok, so I’m not selling jewelry. But it still counts, right? 😉
4. Take some kind of lessons…guitar, voice, djembe…still deciding, but leaning toward djembe. :) I went with guitar…started about a month ago. It’s going great! :)
5. Complete a marathon. (Edit…1/2 marathon.) :)
6. Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes. Done! May 12, 2012…29:02. Now shooting for breaking 28 by August 11. :)
7. Continue blogging at least three times a week once January 24th has passed.
8. (Re)Learn how to sew and make a bag out of some of my Indonesian batik I still have.
9. Finish the rough draft of my book, Lessons From Indo: On Life, Love, and Squatty Potties, and submit it to at least one publisher.
10. Continue developing discipline in my life by spending time in God’s Word each day…whether two minutes or two hours.
11. Guest write for another blog at least once. (The Patch doesn’t count. :))
12. Go on an actual vacation with Tobin (and no Mae) to celebrate our 10th. (This might make me cry…) Done! Spain, Morocco, Paris. Was wonderful. :)

Wish me luck!