365 With Mel

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve probably noticed there’s no theme.

That’s because I’m indecisive? Or random? Or I just love to talk?

Or…ahem…all of the above? 😉

When I started this blog I knew I needed to write about the journey my husband and I were in the middle of. The short version is that we were transitioning back to America, learning to be parents, and becoming part of a new community…all at once.

And sometimes (or, most of the time) the stories that come out of something like that are worth writing about.

I’ve seen people do 365 photo blogging projects, which is cool…but I’m not really a photographer. (That’s my hubby…and I’ll take advantage of that once in awhile so you can have a visual glimpse into our lives, too.)

But I’m a writer…and while sentence structure and big words have never been my gift, sharing my heart and my life is what I was created to do.

So this is My 365 Project: Share my heart with you, in words, every day for a year.

Thanks for reading…and for being here.