Woot Woot!

Ok, so I had unofficially decided that Mondays would be my what I’m learning/Bible blogging day of the week.

However, THE PACKERS WON THE SUPER BOWL YESTERDAY, and we must celebrate!

So theology will have to wait until tomorrow. And it gives me another day to think about what to write anyway. :)

I don’t really follow football other than through my huge Packer fan of a husband. I can take it or leave it–I enjoy a good game but at the end of the day, there are things I’d rather do with my time. (Like hanging out with my girl or talking with friends or blogging…although Mae does enjoy football and has “watched” several games this season with her daddy.)

I have learned A LOT about life being married to a huge Packer fan.

Like how I should cheer for the Packers to win so I will have a happy husband. Or how I should NEVER, ever say, “If the Bears make it to the Super Bowl instead of the Packers, I will cheer for them.” Or how I should not ask Tobin to feed Maelie her cereal (or really ask him anything) while the game is on. :)

All that to say…somehow the last few weeks of football have been fun. I love watching the underdog do well in something.

Five weeks ago, no one really expected the Pack to make it to the Super Bowl much less win the thing.

So it makes me smile.

And I’m happy for Tobin, I really am…he’s been a faithful fan through some less-than-stellar seasons.

So it was really fun to be able to watch them in the Super Bowl yesterday.

We had some friends over, ate too much food (my stomach is still reeling from all of that pizza and too many brownies), had some great laughs at some of the commercials, and celebrated the Pack’s win. And I’m pretty sure I had the happiest husband in the world this morning…and it’s an even sweeter victory since we live in Bear Country. ( But we know better than to rub it in.


Congrats on a great season, Packers!

And I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’m learning. :)



  1. Maelie gets fed just fine even if a game is on! Just a lot slower than usual. :)

  2. I love the if the games on don’t ask the husband to do anything part! Sometimes that can really be true! But I’ve decided that playing with Logan on the floor is something Mark can do while watching the game. Usually works and I can get something done!

    Oh, love the blog!

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