I Love Thursdays

It’s Thursday. One of my favorite days of the week.

I really, really love Thursdays.

This is the day of the week that life is a little different for me and my girl. Oh, sure, at random times during the week we will get out and do different things.

But Thursday is the day I go to the Mom’s Bible Study at Immanuel.

To say that it is a highlight of the week is an understatement…it is THE highlight.

One of the biggest reasons I dreaded moving here is because we didn’ t know anyone.

That left me with two choices: shut down and never make any friends; or, get out there and make some new ones.

Neither of those choices really appealed to me. I’m not the type to completely shut down and never be social…but go knocking on someone’s door looking for a friend

? Especially in a new place where I don’t know my way around

? Yeah, that’s not me either.

Thankfully God met me where I was and sent me a friend, who knocked on my door instead (literally) and introduced me to a bunch more friends through her Bible study.

The first time I went, I wasn’t sure. My small, narrow mind had never been around a group of women from a Lutheran church. (If you know my background, you’ll understand this…no offense taken, I hope!) But after the second time, the walls started to come down, and I realized I’d been judgmental for far too long.

What I found when I let those walls crumble

? The most amazing group of women who are so Christlike…and real. I need real…not superficial.

This group of women, in every sense of the word, saved me. They scooted over and made some room at their table, accepting me for who I was, exactly where I was…which basically meant they were dealing with a lonely, emotional, sleep-deprived, new mommy in the middle of the biggest changes of her life. And they were cool with that.

And? They even took time to ask me about it all. That meant so much to me.

I so look forward to our study every week. Sometimes we spend more time talking and laughing than we do studying…and sometimes it’s the other way around. But we all need that laughter and conversation as much as we need to gain insight from God’s Word.

That’ s called being human.

I feel so blessed that, at a time where I had no idea what life would look like or how my intense need for social interaction would be met, God had it all figured out.

“Mel, you have no idea, but I’ve got some great people waiting for you…you’ve just got to trust Me.”

I’m so glad I did.

I think it’s funny that at Bible study today, a few women were talking today about reading my blog. (I am so glad someone read that ridiculous post about my hair a couple weeks ago. :)) I had already planned to blog about this today…and I almost changed my mind.

But when God does something cool…it’s worth writing about.

I love stepping back and seeing how God provided something I never thought He would.

I am beyond blessed… and so thankful.

Yeah, I love Thursdays. :)


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