Whoopie Pies

Seriously, I can’t even type that title without laughing outloud.

Who the heck named these things?

Makes me think of a fart or something.

Sorry if that’s TMI. 😀

So we had some friends over for dinner tonight, and I speculated…based on some things I’d seen on Facebook…that they had a slight (or not so slight?) obsession with whoo pie


So I decided to make them.

I went with the Red Velvet recipe that my blogging friend posted on her site a few weeks ago.

Holy cow, were they good.

For my first attempt, they turned out ok. (Meaning how they looked.) I made the cookie parts Way.

Too. Big. But that’s ok. :) And the cream filling would have been better (and probably thicker) if I’d had a mixer… but we are mixer-less in the Schroeder house.

So it kind of ran everywhere, but

it tasted good anyway.

And there was some left over…hello me + spoon when no one is looking!


It will probably take a few more attempts before I can get it right.

But here ya go…a whoopie pie. (HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!)

Big laughs.



  1. I totally agree w/ you on the name. :) But they look so good! I might have to make those sometime!

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