Where I Am…With Some Coffee Thrown In

Ok, I liked my coffee post so much last Thursday that I decided we may have a new tradition going. So grab a cup of your favorite joe, kick off your shoes, and let’s chat!

And please forgive the hair in the photo today…I let it go curly this morning,

and I never know quite what it will look like when I do that. :) Today wasn’t nearly as crazy as it can be…really, not even close, but it wasn’t fabulous, either. I decided a flower headband would make everything better. Never mind that I’m 32 years old…no comments please. (32 year olds can wear headbands, right

? Why does it feel so wrong?!)

Anyway, today I’m drinking the same stuff as last week…decaf with caramel vanilla creamer.

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! This time it’s out of my Jakarta mug, though. I have six Indonesia “City” Mugs…Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Jogjakarta, and Bali. I had a goal while I was there to actually go to Starbucks in each of those cities and buy the corresponding mug there. I was successful and pretty stinkin’ proud of it, until they opened a Starbucks in Bogor during the last few months I was in Indonesia.

I didn’t make it there…so I’ve got six out of seven. The Jakarta mug was actually the last one I purchased…in the airport on my way home last April. And one of those cities (Surabaya) I flew to with some friends just so we could go to Starbucks and buy the mug.

True story. 😀 Although we did make a girls’ weekend of it to stay at the Sheraton, hang at the pool, and drink coffee. (Ahem…multiple cups of coffee…) All weekend…tons of fun!

I’m sitting here on a sunny Thursday afternoon wishing that Maelie and I were at the park. However, we passed on her morning nap and went to the outlet mall with some friends.

So there’s no way we can skip the afternoon one…and she is currently fighting me with everything she has, but she’ll give in. She’s too tired to not sleep. In fact, I think she’s out now…aaaah. Peace.

So we browsed a few kids’ stores this morning. I was looking for a few things for Mae…and maybe I’m cheap, but I’m not willing to pay even most of the clearance prices we found today. Sorry, but $11 for a little sweater is not a deal. Bummer, too, cause it was way too adorable.

:) I did find a couple cu-UTE flower headbands for her, though, one she can wear on Easter Sunday with this precious little daisy sundress I have for her.

And a pair of sunglasses with some bling, cause a girl always needs some sparkles, huh? The Children’s Place was good for stuff like that…I didn’t think the prices were bad at all.

Maelie and I shared a piece of pizza for lunch…well, I use the word “shared” loosely. (I ate 90% of it. :)) It blows my mind that she is eating the same things we do. And reaching for my coffee and Diet Pepsi…which I haven’t given her yet, so relax. :) My little girl is growing up way too fast. But I love it.

Love it, love it, love it. Love HER.

We had a (real, not virtual) coffee date yesterday with one of our favorite friends. It was fun to get out of the house, have some time to chat and catch up, and give Maelie a chance to spread some love (and Cheerios) all over Starbucks. I realized when I got home that the bag of chocolate I took with me never made it out of my purse…sad, cause I think coffee tastes better with chocolate and chocolate tastes better with coffee. And coffee and chocolate are both better with a friend. So it’s win-win-win. Another bummer…at least I’ll have some for next time if I don’t eat it all first!

So enough small talk.

Eventually we’ll get past what happened yesterday and today and talk about other stuff.

Like the house. The topic currently occupies most of my brain, but I attempt to push it back as far as possible so I can focus on other things.

Things are looking good, though…and my emotions and hopes are already way too high. Do I dare plan for this or do I need to start on a Plan B?

I realized in typing that last paragraph that it is so me to try figuring out things all on my own. I really just need to let go of this and trust Him to work it all out. And mostly, I have…I just have a hard time with the trusting part. As a follower of Christ, I know so much…but knowing it and believing it are two different things. I’m working on letting go…but it’s tough. Cause I don’t want to…but that’s just me being selfish.

It’s part of the refining process…I know God is teaching me things through this, and that I need to keep my heart soft enough for the changes He wants to make. If God wants to change something in me, it has to be good because He’s not exactly in the business of doing bad.

I so need to get over myself.

I caught myself being selfish yesterday with my time and taking it out on my girl. I sometimes forget that Maelie is: a) 9 months old; b) active and energetic; c) a normal kid; and d) incapable of reasoning why she should behave a certain way. Therefore, when I take her to Starbucks, I should not expect her

to sit there like an angel, totally engaged in the conversation going on.

She doesn’ t work

that way. I truly don’t see her as an annoyance…she is such a blessing, and I really do love my girl, but yesterday I think I treated her like she was getting in the way of my plans. Father, please forgive me. And I already asked Maelie to forgive me. Which she responded to with a giggle, so I translated that as a yes.

And then we giggled together some more.

Cause we’re just like that. :)

That’s something I’m trying to work on as a mom…even now. When I need to apologize to my child(ren) that I take the time to make things right…even if they don’t understand what’ s going on.

Parenting is humbling, isn’t it?

Despite the challenges, though…and the lack of peaceful coffee dates ;)…I love this girl.

She brings so much joy to my days. I just really, really love her.

I could keep going, but I’ve already hit over 1,000 words…and I need to save some for later!

Tobin and I have been reading through the book of John during Lent this year. I have to admit that it means a lot more to me this year, and I’m not quite sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that we are purposely (re)evaluating why we believe what we believe. And getting to the core of what faith really is and what it means to truly have that relationship with Christ. Without citing specific examples, just reading Scripture together is speaking Truth into our lives, whether we discuss it or not.

And for now, that’s enough…God is meeting us exactly where we are with what we need.

I love that about Him.

Well, over 1200 words later, you’ve made it through another lengthy coffee date.

Thanks for joining me. :)


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