Having a bit of writer’ s block tonight.

Don’t worry, I won’t give you Round 2 of “Mel and Tobin Finish Each Other’s Sentences”….though it IS tempting!

Maybe I’ll just tell you about my day


Yeah, I’ ll do that.


If we’re being technical, my day actually began at the Village Squire.

I was out with some friends and didn’t get home until about 12:30. Ooops…short night of sleep, but so much fun to hang out with them!

I did manage six hours of sleep before I woke (BEFORE my alarm) to the sounds of Maelie protesting the confines of her crib. Seriously, kiddo?! It’s still dark out!

I dragged myself out of bed anyway, showered and got ready, helped get the girl ready, and then went to coffee with my friend, Kris. Yay for Caribou and a chance to catch up! AND a short trip to Goodwill, which really is starting to grow on me.

I love a good deal, and today I got TWO of them! 😀

Definitely a good start to the day.


I came home for a few hours, played with a cranky (perhaps sleep-deprived?) girl, fed her lunch, and then she was happy again when I left for a bridal shower.

(And took a close-to-FOUR-hour nap while I was gone!)

I spent about four hours helping with a painting project, and it was fun. Good company, and I perfected my tropical flower-painting skills.

I even managed a palm tree…which was kind of cute.

Kind of.

Then it was home, a quick two-mile run (well, “quick” is subjective), dinner, bath time-play time-bedtime for my Mae, and now…

There’s laundry to do, a blog post that is (almost!) done, and sleep to get.

I like that last part a lot.


G’nite, friends.


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