Two Thoughts

I was reading some of my favorite blogs tonight and was struck by two different thoughts that somehow tie together in my mind…and actually make sense with the place I am tonight.

I’ll start with a very UNdetail-oriented overview of life lately.

It’s been really hard. And I can’t give you details, just ask for

your prayer.

At the same time, I know that this difficult time…this brokenness…is what God is asking me to do right now.

And it WILL be good and it WILL be what He wants, but that DOESN’T mean it’s easy.

I haven’t been able to talk through things with anyone. At times, I desperately feel the need to process what’s going on in my heart, but I’m seeing the wisdom in the fact that, through circumstances, God is asking me to wait before I talk. (New concept for me, definitely. ;))

And so I wait in what seems like darkness and oblivion.

And I choose to trust though I’ll admit that I don’t understand.

And through tears, I find JOY buried somewhere deep in side.

..choosing to see it in the small things that make up a day. A hug from my daughter, a text or call from a friend, a promise from the Word, a cup of coffee.

The last two weeks have been spent walking this road, doing just these things.

And then I think back to Mary…and how she did these same things… on a much greater scale.

What was being asked of her, she never would have chosen. The road of judgment and fear and unknown that He asked her to travel…she did so with complete trust.

I’m sure there were days when it was dark.

I’m sure there were moments when she just couldn’t understand why God chose her to carry His Son.

I’m sure she sometimes had to dig deep to find JOY in the midst of something so unknown…so scary.

Yet, she chose to be obedient and do what God asked of her when He asked it.

I’m not sure these two connect for any of you…but it’s where my heart is tonight.

What I love about God’s promises is that they are just that…PROMISES.

He doesn’t leave those He loves brokenhearted. Without hope. Unloved. Forgotten.

He does exactly the opposite. He heals the brokenhearted. He gives a Hope that is more sure than anything.

He Loves with an everlasting Love.

And He is with me always… never leaving my side.

I ask for your prayers…but I also completely trust my Father.

Sometimes life is hard.

But my God is still so very Good…and I cling to that. :)

Love you all.


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