I love music.

I just got home from praise team practice, and I’m too tired

to think.

But it was a good practice. :)

So, here are a few lines still in my head from some of the songs we’re singing…maybe they’ ll inspire you.

Or make you sing along.

Or both. 😉

How glorious is Your love; if I could sing forever, it’s not enough.

One day, every tongue will confess YOU are God…one day EVERY knee will bow!

You are my strength when I am weak…

Your grace has broken every chain…my sins are gone, my debt’ s been paid.

You gave, You gave Your life away for me.

In the desert of my need, You’re the fountain that I seek.

You’re the Living Water I keep running to…

Jesus, You are the Answer; Jesus, my debt You paid; Jesus, You are my Savior; Jesus, You’re the One, You’re the Way!

Really looking forward to Sunday. :)

Have a good sleep, friends.



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