Toenails, Shopping Cart, and Laundry Basket

I decided to play a l itt

le game tonight with the blog.

I know, I know…I’ve been lacking depth. It isn’t that I’m not writing anything deep…I’m just not publishing it.

Later this week there will be one. Or maybe even TWO. I just worry far too much about how I say things…and I so badly don’t want to offend anyone that I go over words a thousand times before I let people read them.

To be honest, sometimes I wonder why I have a blog in the first place.

Oh, yeah…I like to write.

So tonight I chose the first three items I noticed in the room and made them my title.

And now you get to hear about them. Aren’ t you lucky.


So in no particular order, I bring you…Toenails. Shopping Cart. Laundry Basket.

My toenails still look pretty good almost four weeks after my pedicure. Of course, the clumsiness that I demonstrate every day has caused me to stub my toes a few times here and there, but amazingly, I think they still look good.

And they’re pretty dang cute, too.

I put together Maelie’s shopping cart on Friday with the help of a friend…cause, yeah, those Little Tikes toys can be a challenge. (Seriously. The directions were so not helpful.) Her shopping cart was a birthday gift, and I wondered if I should wait awhile before giving it to her just because I didn’t want her to try to stand up and faceplant. Thankfully, she is more fascinated with sitting, pushing it across the living room, crawling after it…repeat twenty times. It’s cute. And I love it that she loves her shopping cart.

Oh, green laundry basket, with one lonely sock, you and I have spent far too much time together this weekend.

Somewhere between Friday morning and this afternoon, I managed to wash, dry, and fold eight loads of laundry, which is a LOT for a family of three with two dogs. I hope to not spend as much time with you this next week.

There you have it…possibly the most randomness that has ever spilled from

the brain of Mel.

I’m sorry. And yes, I’m strange. But you already knew that.

And yet, you still read my blog.

So you must love me. :)




  1. Yeah, those dogs sure go through clothes in a hurry.

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