I’m going on about five hours of sleep…which is partially my fault, but not really.

Maelie has a cold, and I was up several times during the night to check on her.

I have spit up and snot (MAE’S spit up and snot…just clarifying :)) all over my hoodie.

But what’ s the point of changing clothes? It’s just going to happen again.

I have yet to make it out of my pajamas or see the shower today, but it must happen before 6 pm because I actually have to go somewhere tonight.

My hair is a mess and I realized I haven’t done anything to it since…um…Monday morning.

I had leftover noodles for breakfast because I was too tired to look for anything else. (And I AM a little bit Indonesian, so noodles work.)

My eyes are streaky from the mascara and eyeliner I (ahem) never took off last night, and I probably stink.

I’ve already had more coffee today than a person should consume in a week…and have probably reached my daily calorie allowance through coffee creamer alone.

My girl is finally down for her nap…hoping she feels better when she wakes up.

I love being a mommy…even on the days I never make it to the shower.


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