I hold my daughter a little tighter.

And give her more kisses.

Give her extra cuddles and upside-down flips.

Rejoice in her laughter…and in her screams.

Smile through the dirty diapers

And the nap-protests that occur daily.

Linger a bit longer on the porch in the late afternoon, jabbering baby-talk back and forth with her…even though the neighbors can hear.

I catch her gleaming eyes as she sails through the air in a swing and thank God her lungs can breathe the air.

I’m extra patient when she fights me at feeding time.

And I wrap my arms around her and whisper, I love you

Over and over,

Thanking God from the depths of my heart for my girl today… and every day.

And praying for a precious sister in Christ whose heart is aching from those depths today.

Father, You are near to the brokenhearted… be near.

Oh, please, be near.




  1. I have no words. Prayers, I’ve got those.

    Here is a story to counterbalance the loss of little Emma from right here in the Denver area. A story of faith and hope. Awesome…….

    Have a very Happy Easter Mel! You and your family!

    Love and hugs!

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