This and That

First up, because Mae and I are really into self-photos right now…or maybe just I am. 😉

:) I love this picture.

She was totally being a goof, even though you can’t tell. It made me laugh.

(And? My hair looks really good. I like those days.)

And a few other things…not sure if they are all deserving of smiley faces, but I will go ahead and tack them on in an effort to smile through ALL things.

:) Worked out tonight.

I still feel out of shape.

I did run a ten(ish) minute mile Saturday morning, though, so maybe I am getting there again. My goal is to break 30 on the next 5k I do.

We shall see.

:) I am not so happy with the biker dude two blocks down who decided to roar past my house three times this afternoon while Mae was napping.

T he third time

he woke her up for good. Grrrr…this mama marched herself outside to let him have it good.

And then chickened out.

:) I found my new favorite nail polish.

Less than $2 at Target, dries in a minute…and doesn’t get all clumpy, which has always been my experience with that kind of stuff. Maybe I can even paint Maelie’s toenails soon!

:) Andre = annoyed with Mae. He crawled under the porch furniture today and wouldn’t come out until she was napping.

That may have something to do with the fact that she was crawling all over him. Sammy, on the other hand = LOVES her. (And licks her to death until I yell at him to stop.) Haha.

:) I made these tonight. It is probably a good thing I worked out. (And I totally tweaked the recipe…I don’t deep fry ANYTHING.

It works fine to just pour little oil into the pan.) Make them for yourself…they’re really yummy!

(But don’t forget to work out after you eat them.)

:) I realized I never posted (or finished, for that matter) my deep blog post from a few days ago. Guess I better get on that, huh? Funny how I can write something in my head for days, but I sit down at the computer and the words leave. No fair.

:) Starting to get a teeny bit excited about going on vacation. (Though I am an expert packer, I do not necessarily enjoy the prep part of taking a trip.) Really, really looking forward to seeing friends we’ve missed. I can’t believe I get to hug them in TWO weeks! (This one is totally deserving of a smiley face!)

:) I think…that is all.

:) G’nite!


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