Thinking Aloud

Sometimes I drive my husband crazy when I “think aloud”…he’ll try to figure out what I’m talking about and then get frustrated when I inform him that I’m just saying what I’ m thinking about and not talking to hi

m at all.

I suppose I can see where he’s coming from…a little, anyway. 😉

Tonight my brain is just a jumble of thoughts that don’t really relate to each other at all.

And, I’ve got a nasty headache that I’m hoping to sleep off.


I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow. :)

Just think of tonight’s blog post as a coffee date without the coffee ’cause I had too much Diet Coke tonight, anyway. :)

I’ve been thinking all week about what I blogged last Sunday. Feel free to hop back and read my kinda-long-winded thoughts about how I was feeling somewhat worthless. After I blogged it, I noticed this quote on a friend’s refrigerator:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

I like it…but it also made me think even more; about how even if I may not be the best at anything, it’s still important to do things to the best of my ability, to work hard, and to leave the rest up to God.

Something I’ m definitely still working on.

It’s been an I-miss-Indonesia day. I’m really ok, just a little teary about it all. Tobin and I went out on an actual date tonight (sorry…that completely deserved bold letters!) and chatted about it a little. One thing we’re so thankful for is how God has blessed us with good friends from each sea

son of life.

We love where we are now and wouldn’t trade it for a second, but those friendships from our time overseas are so valued.

Yeah, definitely missing Indo and all the craziness that it held.

On the flip side of that, I’m having to show some restraint already in my writing for the Patch.

I want? To write about Indonesia this week.

I need? To stick with my original theme at least for a week or two before I divert.

You know, I’m really thankful for writing.

Sometimes I complain when it’s 10 p.m. and I haven’t blogged yet, but really, the blog has become so much more than words to me. It’s almost like a friend…the place where I hash out beliefs and convictions, share stories and dreams, and remind myself over and over of how blessed I am. I also love that my daughter will be able to come back to this someday and read what we were experiencing as we raised her.

Hopefully she won’t be mad at the funny/slightly embarrassing stories about her that I’ve shared with you all. :)

I warned you…I’m really random tonight. :)

And sticking with the random, I’m going to crash.

It’s been a long, busy day.

Love you all.



  1. Amelia J Hegle says:

    I laughed out loud when I read your first couple sentences, and then proceeded to share them with my parents who can very much relate :)

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