The Napless Wonder

I affectionately refer to my girl as the above title.

Oh, she is a wonder.

One who has the most irregular sleeping patterns I’ve ever seen.

For the first two months of her life, she napped like an angel.

I swear there was a halo floating over her precious little head.

Then around the middle of August, she decided, Nope. The world is much too exciting for me to sleep.

You can only imagine what this did to mommy. And? It continued.

For three stinkin’ months.

Then, just after Thanksgiving, she decided that naps were a wonderful thing, and she made a regular habit of taking a daily three hour afternoon nap.

To say that was awesome is completely understating it.

It. Gave. Me. My. Sanity. Back.

This continued for a couple months.

Sometimes? She’d even give me a morning nap, too.

Then around the middle of February, she decided that naps were for wimps.

We went a few weeks

with maybe one nap a week. And Mel, of course, is ready to pull her hair out during all of this.

And then a couple weeks ago, she decided, Yeah, I’ll nap again. Sleep is goooooood…Momma likes it, so I should like it, too!

And she’s been a pretty good napper for the last couple of weeks.

Except on Sundays. Oh, Sunday morning services make me want to cry, laugh hysterically, and crawl under the pew. (All at once, if possible. ;)) She just won’t nap at church.

She coos and giggles her way through the class we go to at 9:30. (I spent half of it in the hallway today.) She’s usually ok during singing, but then she gets cranky and almost never makes it through the sermon.

And then one of us ends up in the hallway with her. Today it was Tobin, and he brought her back in during communion because there was a lot of singing, which usually keeps her happy (and quiet).

Not today.

She was just not doing it and was a crying mess by the end of the service.

Part of me felt bad for her…really, to be so tired and not be able to sleep would be frustrating. I’d cry. But she did redeem our less-than-pleasant morning at church by taking a 2 1/2 hour nap as soon as we got home.

When I went in to get her after that glorious nap, she looked up at me, grinned, and the frustrations of the morning melted away.

I love this girl.


Really, how could anyone not love my little napless wonder? 😀

Oh, Maelie girl, you give me such great stories to tell.

I love you!


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