The Great Schroeder Adventure…Day 5

Today was really low key… and NO driving.

Which we were very happy about. :)

I went for a little run with Sarah and drank some coffee, which is pretty much a perfect start to any morning.

Then we hopped over to the NICS Home Office to say hi to a few people from our Indonesia life. It was good to see them and a little emotional. But not too much and I left feeling thankful…for an unforgettable chapter of life and for where we are now.

Then we headed back to the house where Mae loudly protested her nap for over an hour before finally giving in to sleep. But I couldn’t be too annoyed by her after I saw this picture of her and her new favorite activity. No doll required…pushing the stroller is enough happy for her. (Though I guess Tobin chose the picture WITH the doll. ;)) Really cute.

While she slept, Tobin built this with two pretty awesome kiddos. They thought he was the coolest person ever.

After dinner we went out for ice cream, and Maelie got her very own free cone. (Which she scarfed down and then begged from us. Cute. :))

Then we ended the day with some Settlers of Catan, which the four of us used to play for hours and hours in Indonesia.

Definitely a good day.

And there was no driving involved, which I really liked. 😉

Until tomorrow.


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