The Great Schroeder Adventure…Day 4

So…it was a random kind of adventure day.

Ever have those?

Well, we started off planning to go see this.

Which, apparently, is not a good idea if it’s raining. We may hit it on the way back… or maybe not. Still figuring out that one.

So, instead, we went to Union Station, walked around a bit, and took a few pictures. Here’s one of me with my girl. I look kind of tired because I haven’t had my coffee yet. But, don’t worry, I got it a few minutes later. Whew! 😉

On our drive down to Southaven, we stopped at a “travel plaza” (more on THAT later…) and I found this.

And, between the two of us, we actually ate it. It was pickled. And it was not very spicy.

But we ate it. ‘Cause we lived in Indonesia and will eat anything.

Gas prices are cheap…well, compared to the Chicago area. We like that very much.

And this is what Maelie loves to do to pass the time on road trips. (Kris & Jonny…make sure you check out the book title. ;))

And we topped of day #4 by finally getting to see some sweet friends. It’s been too long. (I don’t have any pics of that because I don’t think any of us wanted our picture taken at 11:17 p.m.)

Love reunions and good times.

More tomorrow. :) G’nite!


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