The Great Schroeder Adventure…Day 3

Today…more driving.

In hindsight, we probably wouldn’t have planned things the way we did…four days in a row of significant driving time does not really make a happy little girl. Or a happy mommy and daddy.

But today we drove to St. Louis, the city that could be considered an icon of my childhood. Of course, it was fun to see the Arch as we crossed the river; we’ll visit that tomorrow. Since we didn’t get into town until around 4 p.m. our highlights are pretty limited.

Though we did get a pretty sweet hotel room downtown. I’m not sure I’ve ever stayed downtown anywhere, so this is cool. And the view is sweet(ish).

When we went to have dinner, this was outside the restaurant. Carriage rides were a little too spendy, but the lady was very nice and let Maelie pet the horse. His name was Romeo, and Mae did not know what to think of this giant animal. T’was cute.

Then, we went here.

Ted Drewes, which is kinda the reason we came to St. Louis. I joke about that, but really, it’s half true.

And here is me before I scarfed down (a large part of) my most-amazing Hawaiian sundae.



Best. Frozen. Custard. Ever.

I did a quick calorie count and figured that I can eat it about once every five years and still be ok. :) Seriously…amazing stuff. And the lady who made our sundaes swore we looked really familiar.

Maybe we’re more famous than I thought. 😉

The adventures continue.

Happy Trails! I’ll be writin’ y’all from Mississippi tomorrow! :)



  1. Chris Navarro says:

    Wish we had known about it when we were there this summer, sounds good. Have a great time while gone.

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