The Great Schroeder Adventure…Day 2

So, these titles could potentially get boring, huh? 😉

Day #2 of our vacation brought us back to Carpentersville. Good ‘ol home. (That was a short vacation, huh?) Haha…no, we just decided since we were passing back through that it made a lot more sense to stop at home, see the dogs, repack, and do all those things we didn’t have time to do before Green Bay. 😉

So, really, today…we drove.

And Maelie napped a little. A little.

And we had Culver’s for lunch, which was just ok.

And then we HAD to stop here before we drove the last stretch. This was MUCH better than Culver’s.

Seriously, if I ever own a coffee shop, the words funky and/or bean will be part of the name.

And, because I can, even though she refused to nap and screamed often…this?

Is way too adorable.

Sometimes I wonder if she has any idea how stinkin’ cute she is.

See y’all tomorrow! I mean…write ya? 😉


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