The Great Schroeder Adventure…Day 1

So, yeah…we’ re officially on vacation.

Day #1…Green Bay.

We ended up leaving home earlier today than we had planned so we went to Bay Beach. Maelie had fun with her second cousin, Graham, and she also went on her first carousel ride and train ride. So cute…and pics will be coming from that later. :)

Tobin and I also got to go on the Zippin’ Pippin, the new wooden roller coaster. A fifteen-minute date with my hubby…and I screamed like crazy…and gripped the bar so tight that I drew blood. Seriously, it had been almost a decade since I’d been on a roller coaster. I can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t die.

That’s good, right? 😉

Here’s a pic of us just before the infamous, blood-drawing, coaster ride.



  1. Sounds like a blast! Have a great vacation and what a blessing your neighbors are! Think of you often! Love & miss you 3!!

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