Sweet Saturday

Ok, so this should be titled something like

The Post Where I Admit I’m Eating Taco Bell at 10:15 p.m.

Haha. 😉 Just so you know, confessions are good for the soul.

Here’s another.

It’s my first meal of the day. YIKES.

Part of that wasn’t my fault. After a wonderful, calorie-filled dinner out last night to celebrate my hubby’s birthday, I paid for it big time. I’m not sure what’s up with the digestive track these days or what I ate that my body completely hated, but my stomach was NOT happy with me and decided to let me pay the price from about 2-5 a.m.


Can we say that again?

Why, yes we can! UGH.

I’ll spare you the details only to say that I missed my Saturday morning run with my group and was pretty wiped out for most of the morning. (Though a caramel macchiato did help. Gee, I wonder why?!?!) 😉

It was a rough one.

But things got better around 11:00. I forced myself to get up and going for the day, and Maelie and I went to the mall with Tobin. He had an eye exam, and I needed body spray from Bath & Body. Hey, I really did need it…I ran out this morning. :) I was super excited that I managed to hit the huge sale they have every summer, too, without even trying. 75% off? Yes, please. Bottles of my two favorite scents for $6 total? Even more yes, please!

Mae and I browsed a bit after that. I need something to wear to a wedding in a couple weeks, but we struck out. Oh, well.

We came home, and two out of the three of us ate lunch. :) Then Mae and I went swimming. Or, more accurately, I walked around in the pool and tried to coax her to join me, but she wasn’t interested today. So we played in the backyard instead.

Around two, we headed downtown to meet a friend at Navy Pier. Our Indo-friend, Lindsey, is in town for a few days visiting her brother, and she took a few hours to spend with us. We LOVED catching up with her, sharing some laughs, hearing what God has been doing. She’s about to make a pretty huge move to the other side of the world, and it was such a blessing to hear all He’s done to bring her to that point.

Plus, we just loved seeing her.

Our too-short few hours together reminded me yet again of the bittersweet wonderful that is friendship. That, often, the joy-filled hellos lead to much-too-soon, teary see ya laters. But the truth is that when friends are that treasured, we’d drive twelve hours for five minutes. Really.

So we took what time we had and filled it with laughter and stories and Truth and watching a certain two-year old little girl charm everyone around her. We reminisced about beach trips, coffee shops and motorbikes and dreamed of the future and all it might hold.

Oh, I wish the best for her…and I can’t wait until the next time I can give her a hug.

God is so Good to give us the gift of friends.



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