Ok, just so we’re clear…I’m not drink ing


I am, in fact, drinking Powerade Zero, the strawberry flavor.

Go for the lemon-lime should you want to try it…just sayin’. I’m also eating E.L. Fudge cookies, but not too many. It does say something about my impressive willpower that I’ve had these cookies in my possession for FIVE days and still have over half the package left. :)

If you hopped by today, the first thing you’d notice is that we’re missing a screen on our back porch. Should something too interesting pass by our house, I’m afraid that my dogs might just jump right out of the porch.

Hopefully Tobin will get back from Home Depot soon and replace the screen before anything too memorable happens! And the screen is being replaced because our obnoxious spirited dogs got a little too excited when the neighbor came over the other night. Heck, another screen needed to be replaced, too, so it’s good timing.

You will also notice that I am, very happily, typing On. My. Macbook. No, it’s not new. It’s just that my lovely computer, the one that’s been with me since

the beginning of this blogging journey (and before), decided to completely DIE this week.

Monday night, it just turned off.

Wouldn’t turn back on at ALL.

I got really scared and thought it was gone for good…it wouldn’t turn on for over 24 hours. Then, it decided to tease me…by turning on and dying immediately or within minutes. Over and over for a couple of days. On Friday it turned on and stayed on…and I haven’t had a problem since. We have a few theories…let’s hope we’re right and Mr.

Mac won’ t need any fur

ther attention. ‘Cause the Apple Hospital is not exactly high on my list of where I’d like my money to go.

The Maelie girl is currently going strong on what could be her longest nap all week…she’s at an hour and a half, which should tell you something about the week we’ve had. I’m a little worried that the nap may be coming to an end because there’s a lot of noise going on outside. Thankfully, Mae is still asleep for now…maybe she’s like her mama and can sleep through just about anything.

We can hope. :)

So I used to love vacation planning…when I had an ocean to look forward to. Now I am learning a new type of planning…and it’s good, but it feels weird to book a hotel for one night halfway to our destination, where we’ll be staying with friends.

No hotel needed. I am not sure we’ve ever done that. Nevertheless, we are heading out in two weeks…because we’re weird and we don’t actually vacation during the summer. We wait til everyone goes back to school.

At least this year we did. :)

We’ll be gone for 9ish days and are cramming in Green Bay, St. Louis, and Southaven (MS). The majority of our time will be spent in Southaven with friends from Indonesia and meeting up with a few other friends from our days with NICS. It will be really fun to revisit that part of our life.

So, yeah…lots of stuff going on.

It’s sorta been that kind of week. You know, the kind, where you seem to soak up the ocean of Grace you were previously drowning in…and find that you need more? I am so thankful for the grace I experienced this week…all of it undeserved…from my husband, from friends, from my Father.

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart.

Then I think of that song by Josh Wilson…

God, I want to know You more,
maybe this is how it starts.
I find You when I fall apart.

So thankful for others who love me, who forgive me…and for what I am learning from their example.

That wasn’t an easy sentence to write, but it’s true.

Well, I need to get back to planning.

And drinking my Powerade. 😉


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