Summer Vacation, Anyone?

So…Tobin and I realized tonight that we haven’t taken a vacation in the U.S. for a looooong time.

No boo-hooing, though…we had plenty of Bali fun while overseas. Man I miss it there.

So it was almost an overwhelming task to come up with a place when he asked me, “Where do you want to go?”

The criteria include: someplace we can drive to without going crazy (remember, this is being driven with a one year old who hates her carseat), can be driven to in one day OR two if there’s a fun place to stop halfway, and preferably someplace with hotels we can afford. So far we’ve thrown out the following as options.

Southaven, MS: There are a lot of perks that come with this one, mostly in the form of close friends and the fact that we most likely wouldn’t pay for a hotel. The downfall is that when time is spent running all over the place seeing people, that’s not really a vacation.

Wisconsin Dells: It’s close, fun, and though we’ve both lived in Wisconsin, it’s been ages since we’ ve been there.

But it’s close…and doesn’t re ally feel like too much of

a vacation.

Smoky Mountains (Gatlinburg, TN): This was just kind of mentioned as a place we’d like to go. It could be a possibility, but I doubt it will happen this summer.

St. Louis: Could be a possibility and could include having some friends from Southaven meet us there.

The downfall is that I’ve been there a dozen times, so it doesn’t feel like something new and exciting to me. But I would go back there just for this. 😉

Myrtle Beach, SC: We’ve got friends there, and it would be so fun to see them.

This one is almost completely out of the running, though, because of driving time. Maybe when Mae is older.

Washington, D.C.: Yeah, this one got thrown into the mix when Tobin said, How much does it cost to fly to D.C.? I’m not sure we’re serious, although neither of us have spent much time on the East Coast.

(Does Newark Airport count? I ate a hot dog there…)

London: Is it fair for me to throw this out there? Haha… there are some crazy wicked deals on Europe this summer at certain times.

T’would  be fun. But let’s stop dreaming… back to reality.

Minneapolis: This one was thrown out, too…but really we fall into the same trap as Southaven. It’s not a vacation…it’s a go-see-people trip, which is fun but different fun.

A Beach in Michigan: That’s as far

as we got. Apparently there are beaches in Michigan

? Hmmm…

Help! Where should we go? Feel free to leave me a suggestion.

I’m kinda tempted to just stay home…


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