Sometimes We Just Chat…

I like a good chat. Especially when there’s coffee involved. :)

Sadly, I drank too much coffee this morning and really shouldn’t have more tonight. Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve had it at night…it would probably keep me up.

Nothing too exciting to chit chat over, really.

It was a Monday minus the workout. Which means Tuesday will start with a morning run, but that’s ok. I kinda like running when the morning temp is in the 30’s and I have to wear a hat. I haven’t run for a week and have missed it a lot…it’ll be good to get back to routine. I have a race in a month, and it would be nice to post a PR. Highly unlikely, though, since it’s such a crowded race. Hopefully I at least won’t get beat by people dressed like Hershey’s Kisses…not like that’s ever happened or anything. 😉

Mae and I had a low-key day, and that’s ok…we needed it, I think. We both slept in, so it was a later start to our day. She was such a sweetie, though…we played Strawberry Shortcake dolls and watched the Veggie Tale episode that is her current obsession, and she “cooked” for me in her kitchen. Watching her personality develop is so amazing, and with her in particular, entertaining. She makes me smile so much. :)

I also love how compassionate her heart is.

On Saturday I went to a nursing home to sing with a couple friends, and I took Mae with me. She spent over an hour talking to the residents, shaking their hands, handing out necklaces. It was so much fun to see. She truly cares about people, and my heart literally melted just watching her. Even though I’ve only been a mommy for a little over two years, I’ve definitely had those thoughts of what qualities I’d like to see in my daughter and, possibly, future children. I think compassion is at the top of the list…I can think of no greater character trait for someone to possess than something that completely defined our Savior. What a blessing she is. And not just to me. :)

Hope you all had a happy Monday…g’nite!


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