Small Moments

About a year ago I took a job at a little coffee shop about ten minutes from my house. It was a job I only worked at for four months, but during those months, I met some pretty great people.

One of those was a coworker…for some reason we worked together quite a bit, and he would spend a lot of time working on things there while he wasn’t actually on the clock. He’s a believer, passionate about missions, a phenomenal musician…which gave us plenty of good conversation topics. We also had Peru in common, and once we downed almost a whole bottle of Inca Kola between the two of us. (Helllooooo sugar. But GOOD sugar. ;))

You know how some people just shine for Jesus? He’s one of those. It was evident in everything he said, everything he did.

When I stopped working there, I saw him a few times after and once went to a concert he was performing at his church. After that, we kind of lost touch though I’d see a status update here or there on Facebook.

But somehow I missed his big news…until tonight.

He’s heading to Nashville to record. With a Grammy-winning producer.

I am truly so, so happy for him.

Sometimes I smile at the irony of small moments…how someone can be in your life for such a short period of time but leave an impact. He’s like that. And I really can’t wait to see what God is going to do through him.

It’ll be BIG.

Blessings to you, Judah…I’ll be first in line to buy your album. :)


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