Serve MORE

I really love my church.

I think I’ve talked about that here and there. :) 

About a week ago, Tobin, Maelie, and I participated in an outreach called Serve MORE. It was really, really great. And I love Immanuel even MORE after it…what a beautiful picture of the body of Christ coming together to be his hands and feet.

A man from our church put this video together. I really wanted to embed it onto my blog, but for whatever reason, Tobin and I couldn’t figure out how. So you’ll have to click here…but that’s ok. It’s worth it. :)

And here’s a pic of us at the nursing home. (Mae was a bit wiggly by that point, but we did get her to sing Jesus Loves Me…right into the microphone. ;))



  1. Great video, thanks for the link! We are blessed, aren’t we?!

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