Random…With Some Help From a Friend

Tonight, friends, you are in for

a treat!

My sweet friend, Lex, aka: Whoopie Pie Queen, is helping me come up with the random that makes

up a day.

Just for your information, at this late hour, neither of us claim total responsibility for the randomness and/or craziness that may come from this post.

Here we go!

#1: If you’re having a crappy day and your eyes are all puffy from crying, walk down the coffee aisle at the grocery store.

Just sayin’…it made me feel a little better.

#2: Lamps from the clearance section at Target can often turn into cool decorations.

#3: Always leave at least one safety lock open on your windows so you can break into the house if necessary.

This is wisdom spoken from very recent experience.

#4: Google Maps and GPS cannot always be trusted to get you to your location. This is being written by a girl who had a very, very early coffee date this morning and couldn’t find the hotel where she needed to pick up her friend  in the dark.

Frus. Trat. Ing.

#5: I just want french fries and chocolate. I want them so badly, I would eat them together. Mmmmm.

Have you had enough random


I’ll be back tomorrow… hopefully a little more awake.




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