Random Late Night Thoughts

Tonight’ s blog

post is random.

This is for two reasons: 1) My in-laws are in town for the weekend; therefore, I cannot…and should not…spend hours blogging; and 2) I’m going on a combined total of about 9 1/2 hours of sleep the last two nights.

So, welcome to the randomness that is always in my brain and now being shared with you, my faithful readers. And this could potentially get very interesting based on the lack of thinking ability I currently have. Enjoy. :)

Awesome weather today. The weather so far this spring has been more than a little unpredictable.

Today? Sunny (mostly) and 70ish. Tomorrow? Chance of rain and 50’s. Ok then. We took advantage of the sunshine today and spent some time outside with Mae. She loved swinging and going on a walk with Grandma and Grandpa.

I cooked more today than I have in the last two weeks…at least it felt like it. Strawberry white chocolate scones, fruit salad, tacos, and mint brownies.

Yeah, we had a super healthy day. 😉 At least we finished it with Subway…and, ahem…more brownies. :)

I’ve been tossing around the whole idea of purpose lately…pretty sure there’s a blog post coming. 😀 I think it came up because I’ve realized how much time I have, even with a daughter. I want to be sure that the time I have isn’t just being wasted.

Down time is good, but I have a lot of it…and need to make sure there’s some purpose in it. I’m sorting through my thoughts on the topic…we’ll see what comes from it. 😉

I took another semi-break from other people’s blogs for a few days.

This was more because of the busyness of life than me intentionally wanting a break. However, the time to not read what everyone else has to say but to, instead, focus on what God is saying to me was good.

I miss my favorite regulars though, so I’ll be catching up with you all tomorrow!

Tobin and I hit an interesting milestone this week. While we haven’t been in Illinois for an entire year yet, he just finished his first “school year” at Judson. For some reason, that felt huge…and scared us with how quickly time has passed.

We spent some time looking at pics of Maelie tonight…she has grown up so much. (I think I say this at least once a week, don’t I?) I just love the beautiful little girl she is becoming.

Have you ever played the game, Farkle? It’s really addicting, and even three years after learning it, the name still cracks me up.

Farkle? Seriously?! It kinda ranks up there with Whoopie Pies. 😀 My cool neighbor and friend, Lex, makes the best whoopie pies.

She’s even getting a website up and going. I’ll wait to share the link ’til it’s ready…but she rocks. The chocolate chip ones are my favorite so far.

:) I think she’s gonna be famous.

My eyelids are drooping. As much as I would love to keep sharing the random workings of my brain, I think I’m getting close to bed. My pillow is calling.

G’night, world.



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