Just a few thoughts…that are really not connected at all, just not worthy of a whole blog post on their own. 😉

I spent more time today in my pajamas than in jeans. That almost never happens…and it was nice. But wanna know a secret? Sometimes I wish I was that woman who can go to Super Target on a Saturday morning and walk the aisles in her sweats, while sipping a Starbucks and looking disgustingly cute. I, um, think that’s maybe not me. But I’m secretly jealous of people who can pull off that look in public.

Last night we had friends over for dinner, and they stayed to look at pics from our trip. They are really nice friends. 😉 (Gosh, that reminds me I need to post Morocco soon…tomorrow.) We grilled out for, like, the 6th time this month, and my husband seriously outdid himself. I don’t know why the burgers and chicken were so good, but they were. SO. GOOD.

Anyway, I woke up this morning wanting a burger with pineapple and provolone…and BEFORE you scoff, you need to try it. It’s my favorite. :) I promised myself that if I did three miles of sprints, I could come home and eat one for breakfast.

I seriously hate sprints and only do them on Saturdays.

AND I thought about that burger the whole time.

And when I got home, I ate it before I even took a shower. HA.


So my daughter seems to be changing her sleeping habits, which is not so wonderful. Yesterday she napped for a whopping 30 minutes and then stayed up until 10:30 pm…yes, you read that right. She slept this morning til 8 am, took a 2-3 hour nap, and now, at almost 10 pm, is showing zero signs of being tired.

Ugh…I’m afraid we may need to start phasing out the nap in order to get her to sleep at night.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this at all.

So I signed up for this.

The whole idea is that the group of women who write this blog (which has a HUGE following) are hosting a worldwide conference with “meetup” spots all over the place. Then each of the groups can watch the conference, which will be broadcast online. When I signed up, I figured…this is the Chicago area; there will be at least one meeting close to me.

Um, nope. The closest one is over an hour away. Bummer.

So I’m debating what to do. I can watch it at my house, but the whole idea of it is community. So do I make the drive to meet up with a few people and make some new friends or do I just chill in my pj’s and invite a friend or two to join me for the morning?

Still thinking on it. :)

And speaking of still thinking…I’m thinkin’ it’s time for bed.

This could be history, folks…I think I’ll be asleep before my daughter tonight. Oy…

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!


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