Pouring the Coffee on a Freezing Day

Holy cow, it’

s FUR-EEZING outside! I think it’s 50 or so on May 26th.


So, yes, I’ve had my Diet Coke today, but right now I’m having coffee, too. And typing this while covered with a flannel blanket. And wishing that my daughter would just SLEEP…because she’

s slept a grand total of ten minutes all day. I need more sleep than she does, apparently…which is scary because I can survive on very, very little.

(Correction: I can survive, but that doesn’t mean I’m pleasant. So, really, I should get my sleep.)

Speaking of, it’s been a week of little sleep. I hate how stress affects me…mostly in the area of inability TO sleep for more than a few hours at a time.

I’ll wake up, toss and turn, and maybe…if I’m lucky…get back to sleep again.

Perhaps a nap would be a better use of my time than blogging right now…we shall see. But for those of you who are interested, I’m drinking coffee (now half-caf…yay for REAL caffeine!) with butter pecan creamer. Yeah, it’s pretty yummy. Out of my brown and lime green mug with a flower on it that Tobin bought for me in Indonesia when I was having a really rough week.


Based on some info in the previous paragraph, you may have figured out that I’ ve finally weaned Maelie.

It’s better for both of us.

She’s independent now and capable of giving herself a bottle without my help. But she still lets me snuggle her while she drinks it if I want to…but she’s just as happy not being held. So it’s a win-win.

I think I may be raising a girl who’s just as social as her mommy, too. I tend to get grumpy if I go more than a day or so without seeing a friend or getting out of the house. Apparently, so does she. Yesterday morning, she was just a wreck. In all fairness, we hadn’t been out since Sunday, so part of it was justified. She whimpered and cried most of the way to Judson when we took Tob to work and most of the way home. Then we headed to a friend’s house for the Oprah party, I plopped her on the ground with some other little kids, and she was as happy as anything… for over an hour.

So apparently I need to fill up our schedule with play dates! 😀

So sometime during our coffee date, the story of my “crappy” day will probably spill out. (No pun intended…seriously.)

And, really, it’s ok to laugh now. Cause I will laugh as I recall it.

It started on Tuesday morning around 9 a.m. I had changed Mae’s diaper not too long before but thought I smelled something. I waited it out for a few, but it still smelled and so I carried her upstairs to change the diaper, not realizing that she had exploded out of it completely.

All over my tank top.

We changed the diaper, I changed my shirt, and all was well…or, so we thought.

About an hour later, the dogs were being obnoxious on the porch; I herded them inside to bring peace to the entire neighborhood. Andre kept begging me to go back to the porch…that’s what I thought, anyway.

He was, in fact, begging me to go outside because his poor puppy tummy was upset. Well, I didn’t get the hint, and I paid for it big time.

I was sitting on the couch when he came over to me, squatted, and had diarrhea all over the floor.

It got my jeans and would have gotten the couch if (thank you, God!) a blanket hadn’t been covering it.

So I just cleaned it up (changed clothes AGAIN), threw some laundry in, and called my husband for some sympathy. And took the poor doggy outside again. :(

Later on, the icing on the cake occurred. Really, I’ve just been waiting for this to happen. It was bound to at some point!

I was frazzled from the “poopy” morning and not really thinking clearly. I had mixed up Maelie’s bottle and went to pour it into the liner (we use drop ins) and…


I totally forgot the liner.

Formula went EVERYWHERE. (And out of the three messes within the span of two hours or so? This was was the worst to clean up.) It was all over the counter, floor, and garbage can. Nasty. (Formula, in my opinion, rivals the smell of poop.)

It was one of those comical moments where I was: a) SO glad no one was watching; and b) not sure whether to laugh or cry.

(I chose to laugh.)

We managed to get through the rest of the day with nothing too major other than another diaper blowout that, thankfully, didn’t get all over me again.

But really…sometimes when it rains it pours…or maybe there’s some random poop analogy, but I think I’ll leave that alone. Unless you want to share one. :)

I’m looking forward to my hubby’s long weekend. We don’t have a ton planned, but he mentioned a parade on Sunday. That’s cool. We haven’t gone to one with Maelie yet…and I’m a teensy bit (or a lot!) excited about it. We’ll probably find some things to keep us busy or at least entertained. And I also have a birthday party to plan for my girl…

I don’t know how I feel about that yet. Is she REALLY almost one? Golly gee, time flies.

Well, my toes are frozen…I’m thinking it’s time to go find some socks.



I have a serious problem with this.

However, my feet are cold, so I’m off to fix that.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Thanks for joining me!


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