Pieces of a Saturday

So today we’re gonna

go back to the randomness that used to make up my Saturday posts.

Today has definitely had some random moments, so it’s good.

First up…welcome back, sunshine! After several gloomy, cloudy, rainy days, it was so wonderful to wake up to the sun shining!

We tried to enjoy the gorgeous weather, too.

We had coffee on the back porch, tossed around the frisbee a bit, I attempted to blog outside but kept getting distracted by talking to people who walked by ;), and had (another) coffee with a friend in her backyard. Definitely some good sun, and the tan that was fading is revived a bit. Always good.

Mae is back to her two naps right now thanks to the lovely little fever/rash that she’s got. She is NOT happy about it, either, although the extra sleep is good for her. In between naps, though, we packed her up and headed to the farmer’s market in East Dundee.

We browsed a bit and then walked to DQ, which wasn’t very far.

(Yeah, now you know the REAL reason we went there! ;))

And somewhere during our excursion I got wind of some Cupcake Days goin’ on not too far from DQ and ditched the ice cream in favor of cake. (That’s a lingering effect of pregnancy…I LOVE CAKE!) I ate the most expensive cupcake of my life. (To date.) It was YUMMY! And I devoured it so quickly that there is no pic…sorry about that. But for those of you who are interested, it was Raspberry Key Lime and worth every calorie.


Tonight we wanted to check out a freebie concert not too far from our house so we packed up Mae again and headed over there.

But we knew, just a few minutes from our house, that it was a bad idea. Our poor girl just wasn’t up for it…she was cranky, moody, still not feeling well…and we knew better than to try the concert.

We did, however, think that it was worth it…even in the midst of her crankiness…to make a quick run to Old Navy for $2 Tank Top Day.

Oh, how Mel learned her lesson. The lesson that goes something like this:  If-you-want-a-deal-go-in-the-morning-not-at-night.

No more tank tops.


And we ended the night with the girl peacefully drifting into dreamland, Tobin and a friend moving our (new to us) freezer to the basement, and me and a friend making a run to Menards to pick up Mae’s new swimming pool while it was still on sale. 😉 Now we just have to make sure we can set it up without a fence…yeah, it’s on the big side for a first pool. She’ ll love it, though.

And I think?

That’s it for tonight.

Hope you are all having a wonderfully random weekend, just like me.



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