Open Mic Night…

I survived.

I did.

I wish my stinkin’ nerves didn’t always get in the way of everything, but by the last song, I was actually having a good time.

(So I’m really glad I saved my favorite song for last.) Oh, and I had some pretty fabulous impromptu backup singers for Let It Be. They are so cool.


One of them asked me why I was doing this on the way there. I believe that question came after I said something to the effect of, And WHY am I doing this

? :) So her question was totally legit.

And deserved.

It was always on my bucket list. (The one I’ve never officially made.

I better hurry up and make one before I cross of all the items…cause then I will really have to do some crazy stuff! ;)) I love to make music. Coffee shops make me happy. Hanging out with friends makes me really happy. I think everyone should do things once in awhile that are wildly out of their comfort zones.

All of those reasons, I guess.

The first time was scary, but I’d do it again.

Yay for new experiences that stretch us.

And yay for adventures…I do love those!


There are no photos of me singing.

(That’s really ok.) But here’s one with two pretty awesome friends…who also sang some pretty sweet harmony on a certain song.

:) Love them.


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