On Accountability, Compassion, and Being a Playground-Mama: A Guest Post


As the mama of a sweet, but spunky, three year-old, I know what it’s like to have what I like to call playground-mama moments.

Oh, and they come in all different shapes and sizes…and levels of embarrassment, too.

For instance, there might be the kind when I unleash my words at whoever-or-whatever may-or-may-not-be harming my child.

My first memorable one was around the time Mae was 18 months old.

A later walker, she was finally steady on her feet and running everywhere. She couldn’t get enough exploring, climbing, sliding, and jumping.

One day near Christmas that year, I took her to the playplace at the mall near our house. She was running around, squealing in all of her cuteness (and there’s a lot of it!), loving every second, when…Bam.

Like, physically, bam.

Some too-big-for-the-playplace boy came barreling around a corner, running right over her.

I ran to her, made sure she wasn’t hurt, and then I unleashed…

My Playground-Mama Fury…

Today I’m excited to be guest posting at my friend, Gindi’s space. Gindi is one of my God-Sized Dream sisters, and she has been such an amazing encouragement to me in the last year. I’m honored to share my words on her blog today. You can go here to read the rest of my guest post!

Happy Monday, friends! :)



  1. Oh boy I have been there… heading over to read the rest, but wanted to leave you some love here, friend! :) Hope you’re having a great Monday!

  2. It’s hard to control sometimes when we see our little one hurt! Love you sweet friend!

  3. Mel! Thanks for the twitter follow! Clicked over to check out your blog and then clicked again to finish reading your guest post. Totally identified and thoroughly enjoyed it. My son’s almost 3 and oh my goodness. Yes. :)

    Thank you for this! :)

    • Hi, Dana! Thank you for your sweet words…and, yep. Three is a special (but crazy!) age! Blessings and happy Tuesday to you! :)

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