Oh, I Laugh!

Today’s post is a bit generic.

But because I really love to laugh…

and because right now, I really need to laugh…

here are some reasons for you to laugh!

We had a lot of fun with random signs during our time overseas. It seemed like there was always something to take a picture of for a good laugh later.

And, a few disclaimers: I really loved Indonesia, so this is in no way poking fun at it.

In fact, a couple of these pictures were not even taken there.

One of them…well, if you are one of the few people privileged enough to know how much I hate a certain word, you may NOT use this as your platform to publicly humiliate me. I shall delete your comment faster than you can say that word! 😀 Oh, and there’s one that’s a tad bit inappropriate, nevertheless, SO worth the laugh. :)

Enjoy…and laugh! It’ s good for the


First up…You have to look closely, but this is a “manicure set”. Oh, yes…please, someone do my nails with THIS!


I certainly hope that’s not really where the baby is!


I suspect that the reason we found this so funny was because I was pregnant and very sick…and it was some form of entertainment while waiting for my blood test results.

We laughed unnecessarily for way too long.

This wouldn’t have been as good if we weren’t from Minneapolis. :) It was odd to find it in a mall in Jakarta.

Just my hubby being himself…but it was pretty funny at the time!

As seen at Starbucks: “The Ugly Chicken Crispy Puff. P.S. Ugly But Tastes Yummy!” I never tried it, but boy, did I laugh at this sign.


Thank you for the instructions…just in case I forget. :)

And…the best for last.

Truthfully, I don’t know why this was so funny.

Well, I do, but you don’t get to know why.

:) Spotted in Thailand in 2006. NEVER FORGOTTEN by my husband, who will often bring this picture out just to embarrass me.




  1. Can’t believe we have a photo of Mr. Bun but not Roti Boy.

    Buns to die for!

  2. Now the question is, do I leave this comment up or do I follow through on my threat? And Janine has one of Roti Boy on FB…you can borrow it. :)

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