October Thunder

God gave me a little gift tonight.


Oh, I do love a good thunderstorm.

So I’m curling up on the couch under a blanket and having a little chat with you all before I hit the hay way too late.


God has been impressing on my heart the word obsession lately, and it’s challenged me to think through the things I obsess over and whether they are worthwhile. That will probably be a blog post for another day…but let’s just say that

it’s making me re-evaluate my idea of balancing things.

I made a small-world connection last week at Firefly with a guy who is shooting a movie, and he wanted to use the exterior of our house for a few scenes. He shot a couple of them today, and it was cool to kind of see what goes on with something like that.

In chatting with him after that, I found out that he graduated from college with one of my good friends that I taught in Indonesia with.

Small world just became microscopic.

Goodness, connections are funny things, huh?

Sundays just make me really happy.

I love going to our church…and while no service is perfect with a 16 month-old, I always leave feeling challenged and encouraged.

This Sunday made me even happier because after Mae was down for her afternoon nap, I wrote my Patch article and took a nap myself.

It was wonderful, and I fell into such a deep sleep that I had a very hard time waking up.

I had the sudden realization today that next month is November, and I’m not sure what to do with that.

I suppose I should look on the bright side and realize that I can decorate for Christmas…I really love putting up the tree and decorations.

And…ahem…eating the cookies.


The thunder is still going strong outside, and I’m tempted to keep writing, but I know I need to crash if I’ m going to get up for a run in the


I’m hoping it will continue for a bit longer because, in my opinion, there’s nothing better th an f

alling asleep during a thunderstorm.

I wish they could happen every day.




  1. I hate thunderstorms when the kids have just gone to bed though. At least Tim didn’t wake up for once.

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