New Blogs, Bear Shopping, Princess Jammies, and Bad Internet Connections

So did ya notice something?

Yeah, I took my birthday off.

SHOCKER. (Really.)

Actually, I had no plans to do that. During our drive yesterday to our four-day family reunion in Wisconsin, I thought through several fairly deep topics, sure that I’d have something wise to share with you all.

I am 34, after all. 


However, beside the fact that we are completely in the middle of No. Where. with extremely iffy cell reception, the wi-fi at our rented house was completely out of commission. Therefore, ZERO thirty-four year-old wisdom to share…at least that particular night.

So, tonight, you get thirty-four and a day, which isn’t really all that bad, huh?

Like I said, we’re spending a long weekend up in Wisconsin with Tobin’s extended family. I think the total count is 40 people, and we rented a ginormo house. Yeah, it’s out in the boondocks, but it sure is cool. Tons of space, sand volleyball that has doubled as a huge sandbox for the kiddos, a seven-person hot tub, pool table, mini shuffleboard, the list goes on.

It’s like a vacation. :) 

I also discovered that one of my cousins-in-law (does that term even exist? It does now…) is a blogger! I know! Despite the fact that I’m being slightly over-dramatic, she really is a very good writer, and I’ve loved the bit I’ve read so far. I’ll have to link her up here sometime. That was a fun discovery. :)

Tonight, as we were waiting for dinner to be ready, I was chatting with Annie (also, the blogger) about the insane amount of stuffed animals (aka: taxidermy) inhabiting the house we’ve rented.


I cannot even begin to describe to you how CrAzY is is to be stared down by a mountain lion or to be greeted by a bear when you walk through the front door.

It’s sorta creepy.

I was sharing this with her (and she agreed), and Maelie heard me say that I thought the bear was “shocking”.

A few seconds later, she looked at Tobin. “Bear shopping! Bear shopping!” 

Haha…I suppose it DOES make sense. It gave me a good laugh, anyway.


After a busy (and napless) day of playing in the sand and running everywhere and swimming and even decorating a cardboard playhouse, Maelie had HAD it tonight…and we experienced the worst temper tantrum from her we’d had EVER.

Gosh, it was bad.

Lesson to be learned: Mae will always want her princess jammies. Always. Therefore, even if she is NOT dressed IN her princess jammies, she does not need to know this piece of information.

Either that, or we need multiple pairs of princess jammies.


Despite temper tantrums and cell reception that hates me, it’s good. Nice to be away for a few days and spending time with people we haven’t seen in a long time. (A few we hadn’t even met yet!)

Good memories.

I should go be social…g’nite, friends!


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