My God-Sized Dream: Joy Surrounding Me


What brings you joy, especially when it comes to your God-Sized Dream?

I love this question and am so very overwhelmed by it all at the same time.




The word has such a different meaning now than it did just two years ago.

My husband and I were in the midst of one of the hardest seasons of our marriage. It was a daily struggle to move forward and to choose love and joy in spite of the challenges that seemed to overtake our days.

Around this time, I had gotten into the groove of blogging, and my writing was definitely something that brought joy…a place to release and be…no matter what I was feeling that particular day.

As I slowly started to become connected online with some different bloggers and friends, I came across a blog.

The writer is someone many of you may know at least through her words. And I became privileged to know her through them, too, even if we never exchanged an in-real-life, friend hug.

During those days of wondering and waiting and unknown, I found myself drawn into her story, inspired by her words, and taken by her heart for our Father.

Someone asked her the question, “How do you manage to stay so positive? So happy? Don’t you ever just get really mad?”

And her reply, specifically this part of it, changed me.

The thing I try to remind myself of, as I am without all the things that I wish I had to make me happy, is that my biggest need is Him. More than I need to be outside in the fresh air, more than I need to move without pain, more than I even need Dad… I need His will to be done in my life whether it is comfortable or not. There is not one thing that feels comfortable about my world right now, but I need Him more than I need to change my circumstances.

It’s still brutally hard. I have to remind myself of these facts every day. It doesn’t always come easily.

But it doesn’t make the truth any less true.

And the truth is that I can choose the joy.

So I do.

From this post at Sara’s blog.

Knowing Sara for the few months I did changed my perspective. Reading her words taught me how to Choose Joy, even on the days that were hard.  (Hard to me, nothing compared to what she endured.)

And I share this with you to tie it back into my answer to the question…

What brings you joy, especially when it comes to your God-Sized Dream?

Honestly, it’s the beauty He brings to each of my days.

Sunshine in the form of a little girl I am privileged to love and raise and spend my days with. I love her so much it brings tears to my eyes.

My husband and the way he loves me through each day, never settling and always striving for something more.

Heart friends…those near me and those so far away that heaven will be our reunion…who bless me with love and laughs, encouragement and prayer.

A new community of women who have inspired and blessed me along the journey to a dream.

Words…and the little gift He has given me in being able to use them to encourage others.

The sunshine streaming through the windows today.

A text or prayer of encouragement from a friend.

Printing off my rough draft and giving it to a friend. :)

A cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.

What I learned, and am continually learning, through my friend’s life is that there is JOY surrounding me.

It’s everywhere.

And it’s my choice…despite my circumstances, I can choose to find it in each day.

Maybe this is somewhat of a generic answer…I hope you don’t see it that way.

I hope that, whatever the dream God has rooted deeply in your heart, you’ll always find joy along the journey of realizing that dream.

I truly can’t wait for the day when my book is in print and I hold it in my hands.

Or for the day that I’ll hopefully have the chance to write for one of my favorite spaces.

But, today, I am embracing the joys God has given along the journey to those dreams.

For You have been my help, and in the shadow of Your wings I will sing for joy.
Psalm 63:7 (ESV)

As we do each Tuesday, a bunch of us are linking up with Holley Gerth and sharing all God is doing when it comes to our God-Sized Dreams! We’d love to have you join us!

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  1. Oh friend – a whisper praise here that you have found Joy! So grateful that you have felt Him pursuing you even during some of your darker moments. My prayer for you is that as you whisper you dreams to God that you will feel His presence as they begin to take flight in His time. {Hugs}

  2. Ah, yes, joy is a choose. And it’s not always easy. What good reminders.

  3. This is such a crucial reminder to me! The attitude and practice of seeing God in the gifts He offers each day, and the joy that produces…that’s has been a life-changing lesson that Ann Voskamp taught me. How quickly I forget! Thanks for this, Mel. I don’t think it’s generic. I think it is a beautiful and intentional way to live:) Xoxoxo (And I love that we have the same Fabric Theme for our blogs;)

    • Thank you, sweet friend! :) I actually just started reading One Thousand Gifts (took me long enough!) but I love it already. :) And funny thing about the blog theme…my hubby totally picked it out. :) We have a lot of work to do on it…but I love it. Great minds think alike. 😉 Blessings!

  4. Yes, today we are embracing the “…joys God has given along the journey to those dreams.” What a great reminder. I can be so guilty of putting my head down and not looking around to take in the scenery for awhile.

    (And I too had the fabric theme…for the two days I had WP…before I freaked out and decided I couldn’t make the switch after all! ha!)

    • Thanks for stopping by, friend, and for your kind words. :) And don’t feel bad about WP…I’ve never used blogger. Confession: I’m kind of afraid of it. As much as I like adventures, I don’t think I like them when it comes to designing my blog…I just want to stick with what I know! 😉 Hope you are having a great week!

  5. “And it’s my choice…despite my circumstances, I can choose to find it in each day.” Yes, this! Lovely way to put it friend, and many congrats on the book draft.

  6. You are so right that Joy is a choice. We have to choose to see it because it is all around us, allthe time. Keep dreaming!

    • Thanks, Holly! I smiled when I saw that you linked up today…can’t wait to head over to your space! Hope you have a fantastic week, friend! :)

  7. Sarah was an inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you for your sweet words! Choosing joy is hard sometimes but no matter what we have to choose it.

  8. Yes, dear Mel…it is a choice…..cup half empty or half full! Can’t wait to read your future book as I continue to look forward to your posts! god bless you dear sister of my heart and faith.

  9. Yes, I miss Sara. And “Choose Joy”. I gave those words to my wife on a necklace and I see it almost every day.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Duane! I wear a JOY necklace, too…in memory of Sara. She left an incredible mark on so many and will never be forgotten. Blessings!

  10. The joy you choose to live in your life always shines through your writing so beautifully. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog so much. You bring me joy, my friend. :)

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