My God-Sized Dream: A Letter to My Sister

Encouraging words from others help recharge us too. So take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream: Write a letter of encouragement to another dreamer in your life.

Honestly, when I saw this week’s challenge, I hit a wall. In so many ways, there were a dozen people I wanted to write to; and in some ways, I felt as if the words were hiding…they just wouldn’t come. But the more I thought about it, the more I was reminded of this woman…my friend and practically-sister.

She may be a dreamer in a different way, but she inspires me every single day. I know she’ll inspire you, too.


Dear Missy,

We are sisters, you and me. You’ve known me every single day of my life…you know it all…and, still, you choose to be my friend.

Do you remember those days? The ones when we chased each other between trees, sometimes climbed them, played Barbies, sang sometimes-off-key-and-always-loudly around the piano, put on plays…and between those things, told each other our dreams?

Always, always…your dreams were this: grow up, get married, have a family.

Absolutely beautiful dreams.

And those dreams? They became reality.

I missed your wedding…you walked down the aisle while I was traipsing through Amazon jungles. But I thought of you.

And I smiled.

A year and a half later, I sat on your couch and held J, just days old. Though she didn’t join your family in the way you may have expected, she was yours from the beginning, beautiful, and belonging in every way.

I smiled again.

And then I got married, and the day before the wedding you told me about L, growing in your tummy. (Do you remember that I jumped and squealed?)

Four more have followed since then…and now there are six amazing blessings who surround you with love.

I smile even bigger.

I didn’t smile the day you told me. I cried buckets for you as you watched the other half of your dream walk away from it all…leaving hurt and confusion and a mess of wondering. But instead of watching you fall apart, I watched you, my brave and beautiful friend, pick up and go on, your faith strengthening with each step.

That made me smile.

Dear friend, the one who has more secrets on me than anyone, the one who knows of deep struggles, the one who has always been there even if the miles keep us apart…you have been a blessing and an inspiration to watch.

You have lived your dream…and lived it with a full embrace, even if it changed along the way.

You inspire me, your life speaks of Grace, you shine Him completely.

And that makes me smile.

Keep shining. Keep loving. Keep dreaming.

I love you, my sweet heart-sister.

In memory of Barbie bathtub fails, hidden tape recorders, and leading each other around blindfolded…




Happy Tuesday, friends! As always, my dreaming sisters and I are linking up at the lovely Holley Gerth’s place…we hope you’ll join us and be encouraged by the words of some incredible, dream-chasing, women.

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  1. What joy to have a friend like her.

  2. What a sweet life long friendship. Hidden tape recorders? How funny! I bet the two of you were quite the twosome :)

    • It was actually the two of us and her sister, who is about a year younger than I am. And we were definitely quite the trio. 😉 I had a little Fisher Price tape player that we would take turns hiding (while it was playing) for the other two to try to find. Completely dorky, but we loved it. :)

  3. What a precious gift to have a friendship that spans the whole of your life! Such a blessing you are to each other, and to those who read this beautiful letter, Mel.

  4. Well now… that was beautiful… so, so beautiful!

  5. Such a sweet letter! I wish I had a sister!

  6. What a joy to have a friend like this…for both of you! :) Love your heart in this letter!!

  7. This is beautiful Mel, I could picture the two of you from childhood through the years..your words are like paintbrushes on a canvas dear girl. Keep, keep dreaming with broad strokes my heart friend!

  8. I loved reading this as I’m still hitting a wall with a post of my own … :)

  9. I love this so much!! I can’t imagine how blessed your friend was to read this. What a rich and beautiful tapestry of friendship you’ve woven together over the years.

  10. Oh how rare and special to have a friend that has shared so much of your life. One that you can say “remember when” with. I have not had that from my childhood but thank God He has blessed me with new friends that I will be able to say that to as we sit in rocking chairs on the porch many years from now.

    • For all the moving around I’ve done, it amazes me that we’ve kept up like we have. Some friends really are forever. :) I love how He continues to give friends for every season, though…I’m glad you have those new friends and the promise of front porch chats someday. :) Blessings, friend!

  11. What a precious friendship! Such a beautiful letter you wrote…

  12. That is so sweet. :) I don’t have that life-long friendship to turn to at all. How beautiful that you do and you were inspired to write about it. :)

  13. Smile on. you are blessed. you are a blessing.

  14. Missy Wernli says:

    Thank you so much Mel! You have a talent for words. This was written so beautifully . I am so thankful for your forever friendship and for God placing you in my life. We have sure been through think and thin together :) Looking forward to seeing God use you to inspire others with your talent. I love you dear sister !

    • Oh…your words made me tear up this morning. I’m so thankful for you, my friend, and all the memories we have. Love you, sending hugs, and hoping I can give you one in real life soon! :)

  15. Haha, this post made me laugh :) I LOVE it, Mel! What a blessing you both must be to each other! You have such a beautiful way with words. It always draws me in, wanting to read more! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello! So glad I found you through Holley’s link-up. Your beautiful letter warmed my heart. How blessed you are to share this much of your past, with such a sweet and precious friend. Thank you ever so much for sharing your heart. It was such interesting reading. Glad I stopped by. With love from your God-sized dreaming sister, Cheryl

  17. What a beautiful letter. Thanks for sharing your sweet friendship with the rest of us.

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