My First Vlog!

Was feeling brave tonight…so, I did a vlog. (Video bLOG…the term was pretty new to me, too. ;))

Honestly…pushing the publish button is kinda scary. But, admittedly, so was talking to a camera, knowing that I needed to get it all in one take. 😉

Here ya go…tonight, you get my words in a different form…complete with lots of facial expressions because that’s just me. :)

Hope you enjoy…and thanks for stopping by!

Jan 13 Vlog from Mel Schroeder on Vimeo.



  1. Great Vlog Mel! You go girl! For a moment during your story I thought you and Tobin were going to get matching tats! :)

  2. Mel what a great vlog.. you seemed very natural to me. i loved the way you related that story to the Lord ! that was awesome. Great job !

  3. Liked hearing your voice and heart! 😉

  4. so beautiful – your bravery, your words, your authenticity and transparency! Congrats on taking this not-so-small step towards your God-sized dreams! p.s. I am a bit smitten with the name of your blog — love it!

    • Thank you, Cathy! Looking forward to getting to know you better and being able to encourage and pray for each other! Blessings, new friend! :)

  5. Great Job and thanks for sharing! You are so brave!

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