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In the interest of getting my blog post done BEFORE ton

ight AND so I can go to the Lent service tonight and not sit there thinking about what I should blog about…I bring you a post that doesn’t require too

much thinking…and is a teeny bit indulgent. πŸ˜€ But at least you get to find out some quirky stuff about me.)

If you’re bored you’ve got the time, leave me a comment with your favorites.

Happy Wednesday! (Is it really only Wednesday?)

  • Ice Cream Flavor: pistachio
  • Sport: volleyball
  • Season: fall…I love the colors and crunchy leaves. But right now, I am sooooooo ready for spring!

  • Hobby: Oooh, lately, I haven’ t had much

    time for one of those. Does drinking coffee coun

    t? :) I guess playing my guitar/singing and writing.

  • Song: This changes often. Right now it’s “Blessings” by Laura Story.

  • Band: I have a lot…mostly CCM. I re ally like C

    asting Crowns, and I also like the Parachute Band, a pretty obscure praise and worship band from New Zealand. Best concert I’ve ever been to.

  • Female artist: Bethany Dillon, Nichole Nordeman
  • Male artist: Chris Tomlin, Mark Schultz
  • Place to Hang Out: any coffee shop with a good friend
  • Musical: WICKED! Although, The Sound of Music is up there, too.
  • Book: Three Cups of Tea for intelligent reading; The Shopaholic Series for fun.
  • Color: turquoise/brown
  • Animal: golden retrievers…although I would looooove to hold a koala someday.


  • Food: pizza
  • Drink: it’s a tie…coffee and Diet Pepsi
  • Subject in School: Well, it was English…forever ago. I’m also a geography rock star.


  • Flower: daisy
  • Veggie: eggplant (yeah, I know I’m weird)
  • Fruit: jeruk bali (from Indonesia…kind of like a grapefruit)
  • Music: praise and worship
  • Store: depends on the day…Target or Maurices
  • Day of the Week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…all of them?
  • Number: um, who cares

    ? I guess 19. Or 3. Or 12,997.

  • Movie: Steel Magnolias, The Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables Trilogy
  • Pizza Topping: pineapple
  • Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle
  • Vacation: South Africa or Bali…loved them both for different reasons.

  • Dessert: cheesecake…mmm, cheesecake.
  • TV Show: I love American Idol for sentimental reasons. The Amazing Race is my favorite, though.

    I would love,

    love, love, to be on it.

  • Place: I love a lot of pl

    aces. Right now, I love where I am…so I guess that’s C’ville. :)



  1. Hey Mel…..a teeny bit indulgent is okay every once in awhile. It sure was fun getting to know you more too.

    Here’s my take:
    Ice Cream Flavor: French Vanilla

    Sport: N/A – Seriously *wink*

    Season: Spring. I’ve actually heard that usually a person’s favorite season is the one their born in. Is that true for you?

    Hobby: Baking. Reading. Decorating.

    Song: There is no way I could possibly choose!

    Band: Again. How does one choose? Rascal Flatts!

    Female artist: Mel, what are you trying to do to me?

    Male artist: George Strait. Strait up! Without a doubt!

    Place to Hang Out: My family room, Ha! I don’t get out too often anymore!

    Musical: Never seen one. And no, I’m not sure how that makes me feel.

    Book: Oh wow. Um. I’ve read some pretty good ones! Just give me Jesus would be the most recent.

    Color: funky green. Think lime. Only funner. Ooooh and orange too.

    Animal: My siamese cat, Sunny. And my granddog Leo, he’s a yellow lab.

    Food: smothered burritos, tacos, chips and salsa.

    Drink: I’ve got nearly the same answer….Coffee and Diet Coke.

    Subject in School: I was no where near a rock star in anything in school.

    Flower: Cosmos

    Veggie: Cucumber

    Fruit: Recently I’ve been on a huge orange kick.

    Music: Music. Yes. That’s my answer.

    Store: None of them. I’m in recovery. That’s a joke. I’m a thrift store freak.

    Day of the Week: Sunday

    Number: I’m with you. Who cares.

    Movie: Officer and a Gentleman, Forrest Gump, Rain Man, Anything with Denzel Washington

    Pizza Topping: Black Olives

    Fast Food Restaurant: Smashburger. If you don’t have one near you. I’m sorry. I’m very, very sorry. Best fast food burger I’ve ever had!

    Vacation: Haven’t taken many of those. Vegas in my prodigal life. More than once. Will never go back there.

    Dessert: Root Beer Floats. Chocolate cake.

    TV Show: Parenthood.

    Place: What does this mean, I wonder? The mountains. I guess. I love hearing the sound of the wind blowing through the pines and nothing else. I like to call it God’s Country. Beautiful.

  2. I love it…thanks for your comment!

    Actually, no…the season thing isn’t true for me. I was born in the summer. I always hated having a summer birthday because I never got to be the star at school for a day…as a student OR as a teacher. Big bummer!

    I am about to become a thrift store freak…I can feel it. πŸ˜‰ Next week I’m hitting one with a friend that sells baby stuff…which I desperately need. My girl is outgrowing all of her clothes. Looking forward to it!

    I think I need to find a Smashburger. Fast. And I just did a google search and found one very close to us! I think I will be trying that out this weekend…thanks for the tip! :)

    And I want a root beer float so bad right now!

    • My oldest daughter was born July 3rd. The elementary school she attended would always celebrate her half birthday in January for that very reason *smile*

      I have been shopping thrift stores and consignment stores for years! I buy name brands that I could normally not afford. And the baby clothes, they don’t wear them enough to get ruined, so those are always good to buy. Not stained or anything. Ew.

      Ok…..just know that the burger is like a 3 napkin one. It’s so juicy. Oh dear.

      If you lived closer, I’d invite you over for a root beer float. Or a coffee. Or I could babysit while you and hubby went to smashburger for a date *laugh*

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