Mother’s Day Memories…and a Confession

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

Facebook reminded me, Twitter reminded me, pretty much everyone reminded me.

There’s nothing wrong with being reminded of that…because I’m a mama, a blessed one…and I love the fact that I’ve been able to celebrate the last three Mother’s Days with an amazing little girl by my side. (And, well, three years ago, I was about to pop, so there was definitely a reminder that she was about to be in my arms, too!)


And my husband and daughter treated me like royalty…I got flowers, a sweet card, more hugs and kisses than I can count, a cardigan I’d been drooling over but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on, my favorite dinner and CAKE, shared with our favorite friends, and a NAP. Two-ish hours long and worth capitalizing every letter in bold. (The CAKE was worth capitalizing, too…long story, but I love CAKE {and my friend who made it!}. I think we’ve had this conversation a few times on the blog…) 😉

It was truly a special day, but I have to confess something…something I know that many can relate to.

There were so, so many Mother’s Days when I just hated the day. Hated the celebration, dreaded going to church with the inevitable, identify-yourself-if-you’re-a-mom thing. Stuffed down the wound that my mommy arms were empty and my heart even emptier.

I think it makes it hard for me to completely enjoy a day like this when I know there are so many women out there who ache when it rolls around…maybe for the same reason it was hard for me, or maybe not. They duck their heads and swallow the tears when the mamas at church stand up and receive applause.

I almost feel guilty for celebrating a day that I know brings so much heartache to so many…maybe it’s because I wish it could just be a day when we’re all celebrated.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure, and my story is happy. But to those of you who are hurting, I’m sorry.

You were on my heart yesterday…I just want you to know that.



  1. Mel, I felt the same way too yesterday even though I was so proud to wear the orchid corsage my guys got me. Even when I was only a stepmom, I felt weird standing up at my old church where they asked moms and grandmas to stand – didn’t mention stepmothers. I was so glad yesterday when our minister asked stepmoms, aunts, cousins, and any woman who touches the life of a child to stand and be recognized. I know it was probably still hard for those women who desperately want a baby (I have been there too), but it was nice to acknowledge that lots of people can “mother” children in lots of different ways. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome…thank you for sharing your thoughts! I hope you had a great day with your family. :) Blessings, friend!

  2. I love what Holly shared in her comment….recognizing ALL those who have an impact in the lives of mothers! After having a miscarriage….I know the pain of wanting a child so bad and having it taken away from me…so my heart breaks for all women who want to be a mother and for some reason cant. In my mind they ARE mothers even if they don’t have a child in their arms!

    • Well said, friend. There are so many women who are mothers and have mommy hearts even if their children aren’t in their arms. Thank you for that. :) Blessings!

  3. This is lovely, and I’m totally the same way. It took four years for our little man to show up on the scene, and I’m painfully aware of what a tough day it can be for so many wonderful women.

    I sat in the back at church on Sunday, and acted like I was busy with the baby when they asked the moms to stand up. Couldn’t do it.

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