Monday Random

I’ve got a hundred thoughts swimming through my head, but it’s far too late to try to actually make any of them sound intelligent. :)

Can I blame the time change?

I went to bed at 9:30 last night. Usually, I don’t even start blogging by then. I must have been exhausted. Actually, the tired probably had more to do with an early morning race and two hours of bowling in the afternoon. All fun, but definitely energy-zapping.

So it was Monday, and a mostly uneventful one…except for the stop sign I ran. Totally not kidding, totally feeling like a complete scatterbrain. I drive that route a dozen times a week…there’s no reason in the world for it. I took Maelie home after that and we stayed home for the rest of the day.

Though I did go work out tonight…for part of it. More on that tomorrow, maybe. I’m on a twoish-week running hiatus, and I can’t say I’m in love with the idea. But when one has a stress fracture, the only thing that helps is NOT doing the thing that caused it in the first place. (And, yes, I ran yesterday. With said stress fracture. Like I said, we’ll talk tomorrow. :))

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s Election Day.

Like y’all didn’t know that. Well, you did if you’re like me and have literally been counting down the days to the end of the the political ads and completely annoying and inconveniently timed phone calls. Anyway, you know what you need to do…so go do it. Obviously, our country needs some help…so vote for the candidate that will bring positive change. And that is ALL you’re gonna get from me as far as politics go.

Anyway, I’d be shocked if you didn’t know which side I party with. :)

Though I may kick up my heels and do a virtual jig if things end up like I’m hoping and praying they will. I’ll let you all know if I dance, k? 😉

I sent in an application today for something big. It’s not a job but definitely involves responsibility and a pretty incredible opportunity. I’m really praying…for God’s Will first, but also that His Will lines up with what I’d like to happen. :) Do you ever do that?

I guess I just need to remind myself that when I find my joy in Him, He’ll give me my desires.

I’ve been really lovin’ this song lately…singing-it-all-the-time lovin’. Have a listen and sing along. It’s a good one!

Thanks, friends, for stopping by the blog tonight.

Hope your Monday was good…and that it didn’t involve running any stop signs! 😉



  1. Hey Mel,
    I love the song. I heard it the other day, and it was my song for the day too.

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