Monday Rambling

Monday night.

Workout night.

I am pretty sure I won’t be able to sit down tomorrow…let alone even get out of bed without help. It was our first night back in the gym after a summer of outdoor workouts, which are good, but I like the gym better. Maybe not the pain that comes with it, though. We always run stairs. And then do a fantastically grueling (haha…I’m wordy tonight) combination of squats and suicides and squats and lunges and ab work and squats and weights. Oh, and squats.

Sorry…we just did A LOT of squats tonight. 😉 

I’ve kinda been on a workout kick today. I actually ran this morning, too. It was comical…kind of. Well, for me, anything is funny at 7 a.m. :) At the last minute…literally as I started running, I decided to abandon my usual (read: so-familiar-I-can-run-it-blindfolded) morning route in exchange for the bike path by our house. Really, I was mostly just curious to see how fast I could make it to Dairy Queen, which is somewhere between 1.3-1.5 miles from our house. (I forgot to charge my GPS so I had to go on what I remembered, and my pace proved it, I think.) Anyway…the important thing is that now I know I can get to the land of blizzards and freezes (which are my favorite) in 11-12ish minutes. (Maybe even faster if DQ is actually open and there is ice cream waiting.) :)

Oh, and if people stop for runners at crosswalks like they’re SUPPOSED to…I’ll tell that story another day. Maybe. :)

Am I teetering toward dorkiness tonight? I’m thinkin’ so. Sorry.

Tobin had today off, and we had a family adventure to IKEA. For all of the world we’ve seen, I’m sure many of you will find it funny that we have never been to an IKEA, despite living within 30 minutes of one for over half of our married lives. We thought it was a bit ironic, but such is life.

The Pros: Golly, the shopping cart was sweet…the one with the Cozy Coupe-like thing attached to the front. Maelie loved it. Most importantly, she stayed IN it and didn’t run around too much, thus enabling US to actually enjoy the expanse of all things home decor. :) Free breakfast on Mondays, which we didn’t even know about until last night. Uber adorable little girls’ bedroom furniture. I shamelessly took a picture. Happy sigh…someday. :) A cute little pink rug for our girl’s room. Wine glasses…which we needed because after my little mishap (klutzy Mel+granite countertop) we were down to three. Oh, and Chick Fil-A was ever-so-conveniently located on our way home…love how that happens. So, all good stuff. :)

The Cons: Honestly? We thought it was slightly hyped up…and were a little disappointed. I mean, it was an enjoyable outing and was fun to look, but I’m not sure what I was expecting. (I am totally talking myself in a circle here.) And I was sad that the mongo chocolate bar for 99 cents was really not so good. It wasn’t bad…I just wanted super-yummy chocolate. Sadly, it’s not worth my calories. I’m sure I’ll find a culinary use for it anyway. :)

But at the end of the day, it was family and it was fun, and we had a good time.


Well, the adrenaline is starting to slow down, and my eyelids might actually be starting to droop…it IS 11:30…way past my bedtime.

Hope you all had a great Monday. And the good news? You’ve got six more days before there will be another one!




  1. Sounds like a fabulous Monday! Wish I could make the workouts but kids are runnin’ me ragged enough! Hope your Tuesday is terrific Mel!

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