Monday Observations

Time for the random of a Monday.

Actually, it’s time for the random of my brain. It just happens to be Monday. 😉

Flip flop weather is almost over. This makes me very sad…very. I’m not sure what to do with my feet once it’s too cold for flip flops. Well, besides put socks on and pray that my combat boots make it through another winter. I’m gonna need to be on the lookout for another pair. Remember how I always have a backup pair of sunglasses? Combat boots are kinda in the same category.

Even though it’s almost time to wear actual shoes, I’m looking forward to fall. Hellooooooo, leaf-crunching while I run; sometimes I go out of my way to run through random piles of leaves :) Plus, I love sweaters and jeans and, ahem…combat boots. (See a theme going here?)

Over the weekend, we spent some time at Heritage Fest in West Dundee. I was impressed with what a big deal it was…and it was a lot of fun. Good music, good friends, good food. (See yesterday’s post. ;)) Maelie especially loved the parade and caught on quickly to the fact that she could run out into the street for candy almost faster than I could chase her. I think she gave me about a dozen almost-heart attacks, but we still had fun.

I came down with a cold on Saturday. My first in, like, a year, so I can’t complain too much. I can’t tell if it’s coming to an end already or if it’s still going to hit hard. Praying it’s almost over…I’m a grump when I’m sick.

I did yoga for an hour tonight. I can’t understand why people enjoy it. Is there something I’m missing? I just don’t like it. I think I’m just more of a run-like-mad, sweat-it-up, get-the-workout-over-with-already kind of girl. I am almost positive that I will hurt tomorrow, though…possibly even later tonight. So it had to have been good for me. Or something. :)

I went back at looked at my bucket list for 2012 over the weekend. Please don’t go look, too. I am waaaaaay behind. Way. Ugh. Funny how, at the beginning of the year, twelve months seemed like more than enough time to get things done…but it really wasn’t. (P.S. Can someone teach me how to thread my sewing machine???)

This has been, possibly, one of the more pointless posts I’ve ever written. At least you know where my brain is at…not a total loss, right? 😉

Happy almost-Tuesday. Hope your Monday was a good one. :)


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