Mel + Tobin Put Their Words Together

This post comes with a disclaimer. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I am idea-less tonight.


I’m not uninspired…in fact, I have a pretty deep post going that’s not quite where it should be.

So come back tomorrow for that one.


In the meantime, I bring you the first (and hopefully ONLY) version of “Mel and Tobin finish each other’s sentences.”

I’m in bold. Tobin’s not. :)

I can’t wait…to get the fence put up in our yard so we can just let the dogs out instead of take them out.

The cutest thing Maelie did today was…laugh over and over while playing catch with her Daddy.

I am not looking forward to…paying bills.

Once upon a time,

a pig went to the m


He bought…Maelie’s toes.

Once upon a time, Tobin sang really, really off-key and…the world didn’t end!

Oh give me a home…where the front room is NOT painted purple. Definitely time to paint.

I am really thankful…that Mel’s Macbook decided to come back to life.

Every single day, I wake up and…hit the snooze button on my alarm. At least twice.

My favorite thing about Mel is…how quickly she gets up in the morning.

On the end of the couch right now is…a pile of my clothes that I have worn at some point in the last week?!

And…last one…you should be thankful that…Mel is censoring what I write. But this could be a lot more fun if she didn’t.


That’s all. And if you made it this far

? You are either an incredibly faithful reader… or having nothing else to do with your time.

G’nite, friends!



  1. Amelia J Hegle says:

    haha this was quite entertaining! the one about Maelie’s toes made me laugh. :)

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