May Friday Favorites (+ a Giveaway!)

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Oh, goodness…is it really that time?

I mean, I love writing this post, but I’m also feeling slightly guilty that I’ve barely written anything in the last two months. Tell me to quit feeling all the guilt, k? And also, I’m sure I’ll make up for it with the word count.


So we’re getting into summer around here, and it’s good. Parks, playing outside, ice cream, friends, making a summer bucket list. I love spending my days with this girl…the one who said tonight,Β Mommy, let’s take a selfie and make our glamorous faces! (At least one of us has it…) πŸ˜‰

I love her so much. Pinch me because I don’t know how I’m blessed enough to be her mama. But I am…and it’s a gift.

And with that little, cute tangent…here are the faves. A bit random this month and not quite as exciting, but keep reading. I feel like giving away one of my favorites today, so make sure you enter!

But read first. πŸ˜‰ So, let’s get to it.


Well, I made up for my lack of reading in the past few months with this month.

I *think* I read five books and am reading two more right now, which might be a record for me. (As in, five GROWN-UP books. I may or may not read a lot of children’s books too.) πŸ˜‰

A few favorites:

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Though it’s a classic, I’d read mixed reviews on it. There’s no real plot twist, and in a book of that length, that can start to feel mundane. I found myself caught up in Francie’s story, though, and the more I read, the more I wanted the story to just keep going. And when it ended, I was sad.

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain. I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy at Allume last fall, and I sat down to read it this week. Friends, I burned through this book in less than a day. I couldn’t believe how gripping Megan’s story (and, really, God’s story) is…and once I opened it, I couldn’t put it down. I recommend this one. It reminded me a lot of Kisses From Katie, which is another of my all-time favorites.

Northanger Abbey. I decided to work on my brain power and read some Jane Austen. πŸ˜‰ It’s been a Long. Time. since I’ve read anything like it…and I feel like this story took a bit to get going, but I’m liking it. Enough that I might actually read another of her books in the near future. :) (If you’re a Jane fan, please leave me your recommendations in the comments?)


Hands down, When Calls the Heart has been the winner this month. Jessica Turner recommended it on her blog one day about a month ago, and she didn’t have to twist my arm too much. I love dramas that take place in that time period, and as usual, this one sucked me in immediately. I’m slightly embarrassed at just how quickly I managed to get through the first season. (Psst…it’s available on Netflix streaming. For some of you, I think this might be the best news of your day.) πŸ˜‰ Golly, I love this show.

And that’s about it in the watching department, at least this month. Obviously, when I read more, I watch less.

Novel idea, huh? (Pun totally intended.) πŸ˜‰


Well, I finally jumped on the Fitbit bandwagon. I’m not necessarily the girl who wants the latest and greatest with everything, and I thought it over for a good, long, four months before ordering this one. I like that it makes me intentional about things like Getting. Off. My. Bum. and walking around more. It’s also very motivating for me to get up early, go for a run, and see my step total skyrocket.Β What can I say? I’m a slight dork.

Also, I tend to drink more water when I get the satisfaction of logging it. I don’t so much enjoy admitting to my dashboard that I ate too much cake when I have to log those calories, too, but hey. Baby steps, right? πŸ˜‰

Also, I’m pretty much addicted to all-things-maxi-dresses-and-skirts. I found this one, super-clearanced, at Maurices, and it’s one of my new favorites. I wore it on Mother’s Day, and aaahhh…it just makes me happy. :)

Also, still loving the earrings, but no new pairs to share that I can think of. I’m just having fun wearing the same ones over and over. Though I did let hubby know that I’m in love with these, and if he wants to buy them for my birthday, I’ll totally let him. πŸ˜‰


This whole album. Seriously. I’ve had it downloaded for several months and have even listened to it here and there, but just recently, it’s found its way to repeat on my playlist.


Especially the song, You Make Me Brave. I could listen to it and sing it all day long. (Ahem. Sometimes I do?)

Anyway, I’m giving away a free download of the album.Β :)

To enter, just leave me a comment. Share some sunshine from your week or a current favorite. Or, really, just say hello. I’m not picky. :) (I’ll choose a winner on Monday morning and send an email with the details.)

And while you wait to see if you’ve won, have a listen. Love this song. :)

Happy weekend, friends!

(And I’m borrowing this idea from my sweet friend, Crystal. Make sure you hop over to her space to catch up on her favorites, too. She always has such a great list!) :)



  1. My favorite song right now is Natalie Grant- In the End. Just love it!

  2. Hey, if we don’t have time to write, we certainly don’t have time for guilt! I keep thinking I need to jump on the Friday favorites bandwagon even if it’s only once a month, just to exercise my writing muscles. And there’s no way that’s your daughter in that selfie. She should only be, like, three years old. :-)

    • Tell me about it! A friend told me she looks NINE in that pic, and I kind of agree. She’ll be five in two weeks…I know. (Hold me.) Thanks for being here, friend! xo

  3. Why is it that our daughters are so much wiser than ourselves? :) My youngest believes, for the most part, she rocks every selfie. I envy that confidence.
    My sweet book loving friend introduced me to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and I loved the story. Once you are done with the book, watch the movie. It is long, too, but good.


  4. My favorite song lately will have to be “Happy” for so many reasons;) I am so blessed to have the friends, family , and children that God has placed in my life. One of the people I’m thankful for is this blogger :) keep blogging Mel! You are an inspiration to many:)

  5. Oh how I love that song too, it could be on repeat all day and I wouldn’t care :).
    I really need to get back to my books and less tv, I think I’ve seen commercials for “When Calls The Heart,” that’s on Hallmark, right? Guess I need to check it out!

    • Yep, it’s Hallmark. (A channel we don’t actually get, which is a bummer.) But it’s SUCH a good show…you’ll love it. :)

  6. Love the song, album and pretty much anything by Bethel. In Over My Head is on repeat quite a bit these days as well as Ever Be. And…When Calls the Heart – isn’t it just the sweetest and most wholesome show. I’m such a fan! Thanks for sharing your faves with us.

  7. I’ve been listening to Kari Jobe nonstop for a month now.. but that looks so good!

  8. So nice to have a virtual visit with you! And I love book recommendations. Since I enjoyed Kisses from Katie so much I think I will have to read “Miracle…” to start with. And thanks for loaning me a certain DVD. Though it may be considered a chick flick, my hubby enjoyed the movie more than he will ever admit in public! Now that my summer has officially started, I hope to see more of you!

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