Love From Minnesota

Tobin and I came “home” to our first home today.

..well, our first one together.

We spent our first three years of marriage in a suburb of Minneapolis, and it was a great place to start out. After Indonesia, we kinda thought we’d come home to here…but God had other plans.

It wasn’t easy to leave this place…and we thought we’d return to visit more often than we have. We spent Thanksgiving 2010 here…and that was the last time we’ve been to Minnesota until


That seems like a long time to go between visits.

But what’s funny is that though home is now C’ville…which we LOVE, Minnesota still feels so familiar.

I guess it’s good that a place that isn’t home anymore still feels like a place we can come home to.

We’ll be busy the next couple days

with family…including LOTS of Mae’ s cou

sins, so forgive me now if my posts are short or just pictures. :)

Sending a little love from Minnesota…it’s good to be b ack for

a few days.



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