Look What I Made!

Ok, I’ m pretty excited that

my creative streak is coming back.


Awhile ago, a friend bought a necklace/belt (yeah it was both) that I was kinda jealous of. (Ok, ok…so I was really jealous of it.) But I also thought, hey, I can probably make that.

Today I finally did…and to be honest, it

took the longest to decide how I wanted it to look.

Putting it together was easy.

I love it!

And I’m pretty stinkin’ proud that I made it for about 1/6 of what I would have paid for it.

I love inspired moments.


P.S. Anyone want one

? I’m thinking about selling them…really.



  1. Amelia J Hegle says:

    ooh i like it! nice work, mel :)

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