Little Blessings (Pt. 60)

:) Playing puzzles with my girl.

:) Laughter and extra snuggles on a rainy day.

:) Finishing a pretty fantastic book/Bible study. Highly recommended. Definitely looking forward to our next one, too!

:) A productive writing night. Smiling after another 3,500ish words…definitely getting there!

:) A lazy night to snuggle under a blanket and watch episodes of my favorite show on DVD.

:) A day this week in the almost-60’s. It may have rained, but at least it wasn’t freezing outside!

:) Friends who encourage my heart.

:) Sharing dreams.

:) Lessons learned on days that are tough.

:) Knowing that my Father has everything in His hands.

It’s a great night for counting blessings…what are some of yours?


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